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Ginger Custard Pumpkin Pie P&Q

Posted on: November 1, 2010


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I went crustless, made 1/4 of the filling which was enough to fill two ramekins.

I didn’t have any fresh ginger or cinnamon sticks so I subbed ground instead (forgot the measurements, just went with that smelled great) came out wonderfully! Definitely the filling for my pumpkin pie this year!

Ooh, thanks for the review Jeannette! Now I’m excited. I love pumpkin pie and this ginger custard version sounds delicious. It doesn’t feel like fall here in Florida yet, so maybe these flavors will help it feel like November!

I think I may go crustless as well.

I was thinking of going crustless as well, either that or a graham cracker/cookie crust. This one sounds great!

You gals are all low-carbing it! Great idea- I hope I can squeeze this recipe in somewhere- I’m leaving early Friday for a weekend getaway.

Squeeze away! If you just make the custard, I swear it’ll take 20 mins prep time TOPS! If you make smaller portions, they take about half the time listed to bake. I think my 2 ramekins were done at 20-25 mins. They puffed and then sank. Done in about an hour!! And totally worth it.

I cooked it this afternoon- halved the recipe. I will say that the custard still took about 35 minutes to bake- I think it depends on the size of the ramekin. I also stuck it in a water bath.

That said, I LOVE IT!!!!! I could hardly stop at one- I shared the first with my daughter an hour after they were out of the oven, and then I started in on the second one right after dinner… the ginger infused cream is genius.

Love Love Love this dessert.

I planned on sitting this one out because I associate ginger with spicy. Is the ginger flavor really “loud” in this pie?

I’m confused about the Crushed Cinnamon Sticks. Do you crush it a LOT, into a powder? Or just crush it to break it up, and then when you strain it you get all of those pieces out? Thanks for the help – I’ve never used cinnamon sticks before and I’m kind of excited!

I may have to do this one late!! 😦 Our fridge kicked the bucket- so currently I have no where to put ANYTHING! The frozen stuff is good as we have a deep freezer, but the rest is in the cooler in the garage until we can get a truck to get a new one! I’ll attempt this soon though! I can’t wait to see what rolls our for next year! Can’t wait to see how you alls turned out!

Hi Stephanie! I’ll probably just crush the cinnamon sticks to break them up a bit and like you said, remove them when you strain the mixture. I think the goal is just to infuse the flavor into the custard and that should work fine if the cinnamon sticks are just broken up into a few pieces each.

Thanks Tracey!!

My pie is in the oven right now, it smells delicious!

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