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Another idea?

Posted on: October 19, 2010

With 16 recipes left for 2011, how do you all feel about baking with SMS twice a month, rather than 4x a month?

I figure it would be a lot easier for everyone (including me, especially when it’s time to gather the list of recipes from everyone) if we only had two recipes a month since.  There wouldn’t be so much pressure to bake along every week.

We can do the first of the month and mid-month or every other week.


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Frankly, I would love this, love this, love this. As much as I enjoy baking for Sweet Melissa and for me November has great recipes, my schedule is taking its toll. If we continuted, I would pull it off but, I could use a little less pressure, in general.

It is my fault, I belong to two Baking Dorie’s groups and our French cooking plus Ellie, and they are all scheduled. I love doing it but I would love a change. Yes, yes, I agree, two times a month.


My Sweet and Savory

I think this is a great idea! It will keep us baking together for a longer while and not have to rush to get all of the recipes done.

I would love this. I have school and it’s kicking my butt right now. I need time to kind of take a break and bake. It would be a lot easier if it was twice a month instead of 4 times.

Sounds great! Keeps us baking together a little longer!!

If we do this, will we bake for December?

It works for ms! Thats what I’m averaging about anyway.

Probably not…. with the holidays and everything else we have to do to prepare for them, it’s better that we save the remaining recipes for 2011.

Sounds good to me too!

Great idea!

I’m game- it defiantly means I can keep up!

Sounds great. With 16 recipes left for 2011, this will keep us baking together until summer of next year. I’m for baking the first Sunday of the month and then baking again 2 weeks later. On some occasions there are 5 Sundays in a month, but we if we always start on the first Sunday and then bake again two weeks later, we should be fine.

Considering I’ve kinda devolved into the two times a month already, I’m all for it.

Yes!!! I have been so busy lately that I haven’t baked along in weeks and I feel so guilty about it! Twice a month would definitely take some pressure off! Hallelujah!

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