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Roasted Cashew Brittle P&Q

Posted on: October 4, 2010


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Dumb question, but I have never made brittle before- I gather you use unsalted nuts???

Sorry I will no be baking this week. Soccer season is keeping us super busy. It’s over the end of Oct.!

Fifikins, I’ve made brittle with salted nuts before and it works fine. If the recipe has you add salt, just omit it. Just be careful when working with hot sugar (it burns pretty badly). One more tip: spray the inside of your pan with non-stick spray. This will prevent sugar crystalization. Good luck! :o)

I never have luck with making caramel over the stove. I have tried it an insane amount of times with no success and just a big mess! I have done tons of google searches, watched youtube videos, read different cookbooks but it never works. I have only been able to do it in the microwave!

Oh I’m super excited!!!

Is anyone using a nut other than cashews?

I tried to make this on Sunday. BURNED!! quickly. I think the temperature stated in the recipe is too high. Also in reading other recipes, I think the temperature may be too high? I am going to try again with some changes and see if it works.

Tracey, I will be using almonds (and probably halving the recipe too).

Sorry to hear that! I was looking at the recipe last night and the temp struck me as too high. I will compare it to my standby brittle recipe and post my findings here.

Thanks Hanaa! I really don’t like nuts at all so I just need to find sometime to take this off my hands if I make it. If you make it early I’d love to hear how it goes for you 🙂

My recipe says 290F, take off the heat and add nuts + baking soda. So that’s what I’ll be doing. For Melissa’s amount of sugar and corn syrup my recipe calls for 2 Tbsp of butter. So a stick of butter seems excessive.

Tracey, I’ve also made brittle with pumpkin seeds which was very tasty. Maybe that’s an option for you since you don’t like nuts.

this sounds like a great idea!

I made this again last night. I ended up adding about 1/4 cup of water. All of the other recipes I read had some water in them. I also cooked on medium to medium lowand took off the heat at about 300 degrees. A stick of butter is way too much. I had trouble getting it to incorporate and the end result was buttery peanut brittle. I only made the peanut brittle version of the recipe, so I guess I will be posting in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing how everyone else’s turned out.

Hum, after reading all this, I’m debating going on to my standard recipe vs hers. But then that’s not really working with the book huh. Decisions, decisions…

For the amount of sugar and corn syrup in Melissa’s recipe, my recipe calls for 4 oz (=1/2 cup) of water. A stick of butter is indeed way too much. As stated earlier, my recipe only requires 2Tbsp of butter. I too considered just making my recipe and like you, I agree, it defeats the purpose of baking from the book. Having said, I’d hate to waste nuts, sugar and corn syrup (I’m stingy that way) so I might act upon that stubborn voice that tells me to make my own recipe and call it a day :o)

Btw, I like to add a dash of cinnamon to my brittle and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper for a little kick!

Hmm, so I made mine last weekend.. and some pieces (the less nutty ones) are SOO chewy, I wind up having to spit them out because I simply can’t chew it! Think this has to do with the super high temperature?

I am away this weekend -like Michelle, I have got lots of soccer! I might try it later in the week. Good luck to everyone figuring out the best way to work the recipe!

I’m going to end up sitting out this week, sorry Stephanie. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out for all of you!

I am baking for the troops and I am going to skip this and bake more for them.

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