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Plum Raspberry Preserves P&Q

Posted on: September 20, 2010


9 Responses to "Plum Raspberry Preserves P&Q"

LOVE, love, love the plum raspberry preserves! I cut the plums in larger chunks, threw in the rinsed raspberries and used the Granny Smith apples as a natural pectin. Did not have to mash.

Turned out perfectly thick, tastes wonderful and looks festive.

I bought miniature canning jars (hold 4 oz. ea.) and plan on sharing these as Christmas presents.

This recipe is great! I made mine sans raspberries (all plum) and love to swirl it into homemade plain yogurt. It’s sweet and tangy. Yum!

If you’re thinking of skipping this week’s recipe, don’t! You’ll do yourself a disservice. This recipe scales really well; I’ve made as little as a 1/4 recipe and as much as the whole recipe. You have the freedom to exchange fruit(s). I’ve even used less sugar when the fruit was really sweet (and more when the fruit was sour). The jam keeps well in the fridge (if you’re not into canning). And if you don’t like your jam chunky, just whiz it in the blender afterwards. Thanks for a great pick, Margot!!

Happy jamming!
– Hanaâ


I was going to skip, but with your encouragement, I think I’m going to try it after all. Thanks for all the hints.


Glad to hear it scales well Hanaa – that’s definitely what I’ll be doing! Thanks 🙂

No plums in season here at present so I’ll be sitting it out and may do it next Autumn (our seasons!)

I was thinking of missing out (we’ve been so crazy crazy busy) but I’m going to do it! I’m stopping at the store tonight!

Just as Hanaa said, this jam is amazing! I regret making only 1/2 batch. It really isn’t hard at all, and you don’t have to can it (I’ll store it in the fridge, and it won’t last long enough to go bad).

I wontbe able to get to this until Sunday morning but I’m looking forward to it. The last time we made preserves I think I cooked it too long because it got hard.

I am sorry that I missed out on this one so I’m making it today! If I don’t like it (which I doubt) I can always gift it to my plum lovin’ mother 🙂

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