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Bosc Pear, Blue Cheese, and Walnut Muffins P&Q

Posted on: September 6, 2010


10 Responses to "Bosc Pear, Blue Cheese, and Walnut Muffins P&Q"

I hate to say this..but I have tried this muffin recipe twice and both times my muffins have been super heavy. I have not had good luck with this reicpe. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Yeah the original recipe leaves a lot to be desired. I would love suggestions too. My grandmother-in-law just gave us a bag full of pears from her tree that need to be used up.

Oh no guys, sorry! I really wanted everyone to like these. My family loved the onion, sage, and cheddar muffins that we made with SMS last fall, so I was hoping these would be just as good.

I haven’t baked them yet but probably will tomorrow.

Only thing I can think is maybe sub in sour cream for the milk or the cream to give them a fluffier and moister crumb. I do seem to remember that these were somewhat dense muffins but we liked them that way… also, if I remember correctly I reduced the baking time a little bit so they weren’t too dried out.

Good luck guys 🙂

I’ll be skipping out on this one, with all the nips and tucks i’ve tried i still haven’t gotten a muffin worth making again. 😦

Possibly making the brown sugar ice cream as a rewind 🙂

Thank you Andrea…Im going to try your sounrcream suggestion!:0)

Happy Baking!

I HAD to make these..I adore Andrea!
I did a sweet version..using sour cream ( like Andrea suggested) and I used zucchini,pears and cinnamon/sugar on top. I also added more sugar to the muffin batter. THey are very moist and delicious!
Play with the recipe and make it to your liking! That’s what I did!:)

Aww, thanks Michelle!

Your muffins sound absolutely delicious, I just was gifted a giant zucchini from the neighbors so I might just have to make your version too 🙂

I’m so glad the sour cream helped with keeping your muffins moist!

Your welcome!! The sour cream was the way to go! I was just confused cus I made half the recipe and it still gave me 12 muffins!!
Get this…all of the muffins are gone..they only lasted a day!!
I hope you try my version..it’s good!

Oohh, good idea! I’m loving this!

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