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Sweet Plum Clafoutis With Almonds P&Q

Posted on: August 23, 2010


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Michelle- I love you and your pick this week but I’m sorry to say I’m not going to get to this one this week. Another crazy week (and lots of peach tart from TWD hanging out in the fridge). Can’t wait to see how it turns out for everyone!

I really want to make this one. We’re going out of town this weekend, so I am concerned about eating it all before we go:)

Any suggestions on what type of pan to use for a smaller version?

Do you have small cast iron pans Julie? I was thinking of using mini skillets – I have a few that are either 5 or 6 inches that I think would work well.

I used my round pampered chef stone pan..it worked well. I also replaced the plums with pears. I loved it!

No worries at all. I have missed so many this month. It has been crazy for all of us!! I will miss you but understand!:)
Love ya too!

I am not sure if I’ll get to this one – I begin full time Student Teaching on Monday (last semester of Grad school!) so I have a lot to get done beforehand! But I hope I can find some time to do some de-stressing baking and make this clafoutis.

I hadn’t thought about subbing the fruit, but I was given a bunch of pears a couple days ago, so maybe I’ll do the same.

I don’t have any small skillets. I was thinking of maybe using small ceramic tart pans or individual casserole dishes.

I think I am going to use small creme brulee size ramekins! Wish me luck!

I made this and it was an imminent flop for me. i should have known that there was trouble when all i could smell was ‘scrambled eggs’ coming from the oven. i left it in there for 45 mins until the center finally set and tested done. i let it cool and proceeded to flip it onto my cake stand. the center was completely soggy (think halfway cooked french toast). what a waste of 5 beautifully ripe black plums.

but i think i will saute plums in cinnamon sugar from now on. they were SO aromatic and delicious (i may have eaten one before baking it) i can just imagine spooning it over vanilla bean ice cream. yum-o.

This one was also a huge flog for me. I substituted cherries for plums which also taste great when cooked with a little cinnamon and sugar, but i ended up with raw on the inside and turning tragically brown on the outside. A little sad but a good learning process.

We’re going away on Sunday and I have to make some bundtlets tomorrow, so no clafoutis for me- but I look forward to seeing your posts!

Sorry Jeannette and Heather about the recipe not working out.

Just got some “Dinosaur Egg Pluots” today to use in this, the kids are excited 🙂

First time in weeks I’ve been able to check in! I’m out this week though- my brother in law and his wife are in town (as we’re still unpacking – I’ll be putting them to work)

I’m planning on next week though

Have a good week bakers!

Made my clafouti today, did a half recipe and it was so delicious but a little under done, I think because my plouts were almost overripe and really juicy. Loved it though.

I finished my peach clafouti, this evening, and we ate it, on the spot. I made it in an 8 inch cast iron pan and cut the recipe accordingly. It went well up until I tried to cut a nice piece and it fell apart. It was good though and it looked fine, in the pan. It did not keep its puffiness.

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