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Sour Cherry and Almond Biscotti P&Q

Posted on: July 5, 2010


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I made these last week since this is going to be such a busy week for me. They are amazing! The dough was a bit soft, and I did need quite a bit of flour after it chilled for an hour, so maybe add a 1/4 cup more flour or so. The worked out just fine – it’s just something I’d try next time. They were a huge it at our cabin this weekend. Delicious with coffee. Hope everyone enjoys baking this week!

Thanks for the tips Tracey. I have never had sour cherries before. What would you compare a sour cherry to? Cranberry?

Honestly, I just used dried “tart” cherries since I never have been able to find sour cherries. They are like a dried cranberry, but plumper. I simmered mine in lemon juice (since I didn’t have an orange) and they kept their tartness. OJ might sweeten them up a bit.

Gloria – I just read that the dried cherries I used – I can’t remember the brand, but it’s pretty common – are dried sour cherries. Any brand of dried cherries should work just fine.

I’m thinking I’ll sub dried cranberries so I don’t have to buy a bag of dried cherries, which are likely to sit and gather dust in my pantry after this recipe.

Thanks for the tips. I will see what’s available at Trader Joes.

I thought the same thing. Then I made Melissa’s Dark Chocolate Cherry cookies….. and I fell in love. Now I have dried cherries on hand JUST for those. PLUS, freeze them and they keep foreverrrrr.

I’m excited about making these, my mom loooves biscotti!

I think you’ve convinced me Jeannette! Thanks for the tip on freezing them. Adding dried cherries to my shopping list 🙂

I may attempt these after I go grocery shopping because they would make a good breakfast for myself in the morning before class. We’ll see! If not, I’ll definitely be making the walnut brownies next week!

I’m looking forward to the biscotti. I’ll look for dried cherries at Whole Foods tomorrow. Thanks to Jeanette for the tip on freezing leftover cherries.

Is anyone planning on making these with cranberries?

If I can squeeze in “baking” this week, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I already have a favorite cranberry/almond biscotti recipe I like to use. Would be interesting to see how this recipe compares. One thing I always do to avoid super hard chunks of dried fruit in the end product (the cookies are baked twice after all), is to plump up the cranberries in some hot orange juice (or water) for about 15 minutes. This keeps the fruit fairly chewy and moist in the biscotti.

Good idea to soak the fruit, especially since there is already orange juice in this recipe.

Made these last night with cranberries and pecans- that’s what I had on hand. They are delish! The second round of baking a cut a little short and they are still crunchy and good.

I overbaked mine just a tad so they are a bit on the brownish side but BOY are they delicious!!! My mom loooooves them! I think she’s had a handful just this morning alone.

If you are on the edge about these and you are a biscotti lover or at least KNOW one… bake em up, stick em in a tin with nice tissue paper and give them as a gift. They are delicious and beautiful!!

I made these earlier today… boy was the smell coming out of the delicious FANTASTIC.

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HAHA i meant “the smell coming out of the OVEN WAS delicious and fantastic” – now that sentence makes sense! 🙂

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