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North Fork Peach Raspberry Pie P&Q

Posted on: June 28, 2010


14 Responses to "North Fork Peach Raspberry Pie P&Q"

Tapioca pearls?? I have no idea where to find these and I’m running out of time. Any ideas what I can substitute them for?

I just made this yesterday. I subbed the tapioca pearls for flour.


I was going to ask the same question. Nina, how much flour did you use as a substitute…and did you change the amount of cornstarch? It didn’t come out too “flour-ey tasting?”

You should fine tapioca pearls in the pudding section of any grocery store.

This looks so delicious, so summery. However, I will not be posting this weekend. We’re heading to Minnesota/Wisconsin for an extended 4th of July weekend.

Hi everyone. This week’s recipe is one of the one’s I’ve been dying to make, but we leave tomorrow for the Holiday weekend, and I know I’m not going to be able to get to it before then! Plus, our computer is very diseased; we think it’s on it’s way out and we can only run it in safe mode, which doesn’t let you do much. Anyway, can’t wait to read everyone’s results, and I promise to catch up when I’m home and have a functioning computer! Happy 4th of July!

I’ve been really excited for this recipe, too! I am leaving to go out of town early Saturday morning; right now (Tuesday) I’m optimistic that I will be able to bake the pie before I leave, but it may not happen. If so, I will double-up the the next week.

Melissa, sorry about your computer. We went through that last summer and it was no fun.

Target has peaches on sale for .99/lb this week, so that helps! I’m gonna try and whip this up this afternoon!

really really want to make this! Hoping to do a small version perhaps- so many other holiday weekend treats to bake up!

I replaced with the same amount of tapioca pearls.

I didn’t really taste it too much. so I don’t know if it was too floury, but it seemed okay. everyone liked it at the party.

In the oven- smells awesome.

Aw, we’ll be out this weekend camping..have fun everyone else! 🙂

I am baking this weekend – in fact the pie is in the oven! I won’t be able to post until Monday night or Tuesday morning, however, because of a long weekend at our cabin. No internet in the woods! Happy 4th!

I baked this last night and I have no idea why, but I never seem to have much luck with baking peaches. I think I bought white peaches instead of yellow and the filling looks….. questionable.

Be sure to be very tender with your fruit when mixing as the raspberries will begin to fall apart.

I hope to catch up on this recipe later because unfortunately I won’t have time this weekend. This sounds like a good one!

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