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Ginger Snaps P&Q

Posted on: June 21, 2010


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Hey ladies. I’m running behind on recipes, so I might not get to the gingersnaps this week, but I’m planning on doing the madeleines, which I bought a pan for and then didn’t have time to make last week!

I’m having a big giveaway on my other blog. CSNstores.com is giving away a $60 gift certificate. They have amazing cookware, among other things. They keep telling me I can do a product review instead, but I’m just so generous that I keep choosing giveaways! 😉 Here’s the link:

I made these last night and they are most definitely a spice cookie. They have good flavor and when you underbake them just slightly, they are nice and soft. I baked mine up crispy as I am planning to make a crust out of them and possibly make a cheesecake. No promises, but that’s my plan 🙂

Thanks for sharing, Jeannette. I looked at the recipe and it didn’t specify if these were the crunchy or the soft kind 🙂 Now I know!

I have missed a few recipes so Im happy to report Im making these today!!!

How did your cookies come out?

It got crazy here yesterday and I had no time to bake. Im baking them this evening!

thanks for the tip, jeannette! i watched these closely and took them out a tad early and they baked up so nice and soft! perfect!

Thanks for sharing this. I had one sheet that was nice and chewy and the other was crisp and I knew the crisp ones were not going to go over well. Crumbs are a great idea for many projects. Hubby has celiac and these are non gluten crumbs since I used rice flour mix.

Hi Ladies!

My movers packed my cookbook!! GASP! I’ve got one on hold at the library but could someone email me this recipe this week??

indecisivebaker at yahoo.com

Just sent it!

I was hoping to make these earlier in the week to provide some feedback here on how they turned out. But work insanity ensued all week so I’ll be making these tomorrow. Planning to make them into sandwiches with lemon cream filling.

Gloria thanks for sending me the recipe! I accidentally deleted the email before I got to thank you!!

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