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Chocolate Orange Macaroons P&Q

Posted on: June 7, 2010


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I made these last night and I think my oven might have been on a little too high, because the bottoms really crisped up – not quite burned, but very close. I’m tempted to try the lemon almond version to get better results.

I made these tonight and I substituted almonds for coconut. I essentially halved Melissa Murphy’s recipe using 1 cup of blanched almonds (which I ground up fine in the food processor with 2/3 cup sugar). The chocolate flavor was not as strong as I would have liked so I dipped the bottoms in melted dark chocolate and drizzled chocolate on top. Very tasty! The almonds combined with the egg whites (I used 1 1/2 egg white but would recommend only using 1 if you go this route) made for a chewy texture (similar to that of a coconut macaroon).

I’m making these tomorrow- just so I can make sure I get something done soon!! I missed the past two weeks being super busy!! AND I love coconut.

these are amazing cookies. I don’t really like coconut but these cookies turned me, LOL!! They were easy, chewy, a bit crispy and just so good. The orange really was a great flavor addition. I was very surprised how much I enjoyed them!!! The batter took me about 5 minutes to make, too. Love that!

I’m making these tomorrow. I’m excited! I havent baked from scratch for like 2 weeks!

I haven’t made these yet, but love that the recipe looks so easy! Hope to get to them Saturday.

I actually wanted to bring something else up here. For those in Tuesdays with Dorie, you already know we’ve started a post on the site where people can post a link to their weekly recipe after it’s up on their site. It saves a ton of time and streamlines things by having all the posts in one place. I’d love if we could implement something similar here, especially as we only have a once/month posting requirement. Basically it would just be a post each week where folks could leave their links, alerting the others that they’ve baked that week.

What do you guys think? Karen/Lorelei – I don’t mean to heap extra work on you as I know you’re both busy. I’m happy to help with the administrative task of putting up the post on Sunday morning.

I wasn’t going to make them, but since you guys make it sound easy, I’m trying it! Thanks for the feedback.

I think that’s a great idea, Tracey. Beats hovering over each baker’s name and wait for the small window to pop up to see if someone participated that week or not. If/when approved by Lorelei/Karen, I think the admins should add a new post alerting all bakers of this neat new feature. Not everybody might have subscribed to SMS comments and seen your post here about it.

love this idea!

I made these last week and they were delicious. My only problem was that they stuck like crazy to the aluminum foil I lined my baking sheets with. Did anybody else have this problem? I think a silpat would work better than foil or parchment.

Great suggestion Tracey. I would love to have quick access to the links of who baked for the week.

Love this idea! It would save a ton of time!!!

I baked them tonight. One sheet on a silpat and one on parchment. I liked the way they turned out on the parchment better than the silpat. They didn’t crisp up on the bottom as well on the silpat.

I am not a big coconut person and I thought these were delicious!!!

I’m a newbie to this group, so these macaroons will be my first foray into SMS!
I absolutely LOOOVE coconut, so this the perfect recipe for my first time! Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Sounds like a great idea!

Just let me know what i should do? On Sunday… have a new post here that says (as an example, for this Sunday):

6/13: Bakers’ Links for Chocolate Orange Macaroons

Leave your link here

Like that???

I just looked at the recipe and I’m wondering if they’re going to be too sweet (not that I’ll be able to taste them since I’m allergic to coconut). Has anyone made these with unsweetened coconut? That’s what I’d like to use since I already have that. Thanks!!

That sounds good Karen! I think we’ve managed to shorten it to LYL: [recipe title] for TWD but maybe for the first week we should make it a little more obvious in case everyone doesn’t check out the comments here.

I would definitely recommend the unsweetened coconut. I sweetened and reduced the sugar a bit and the cookies were very sweet.

Thanks Margot. And good call on reducing sugar!

I made these and love them!!! They are super sweet if you eat them before they are completely cooled. They are still sweet when cool but not as much…I think you could halve the sugar and still be fine, but they weren’t *too* sweet as is IMO (but I like sweet!)

I baked mine on parchment and didn’t have any troubles getting them off tha pn. I love the sweet!!! 🙂

Thanks for the opportunity to host this week! Mine turned out ok…I think they were drier than they should have been?….I used unsweetened coconut, and they were still plenty sweet. A great cookie recipe!

Mine also crisped on the bottoms. Either both of our ovens are not working or maybe, it needs less time.


I definitely should have tried parchment – they stuck like mad to the foil. Also, mine got a little too dark, as well. I wonder if reducing the sugar, in addition to making them not quite so sweet, would help with the sticking? Just a thought.

The taste combo (3 of my faves) was awesome, though! Amazing what just a little bit of orange zest will do! YUM!

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