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Pistachio Linzer Thumbprints P&Q

Posted on: May 31, 2010

Change of plans…. due to undue circumstances, the host this week will be Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures.

Thanks so much, Tracey!

And dont fret, my friends, I’ll be back soon….. i promise!



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I’m looking forward to making these! I love linzers and pistachios….sounds like a great combo. I think I will try lemon curd for the filling. And I have a family birthday coming up so I can package some up for a nice little birthday treat. 😉

I don’t think I’ll be making these this week. If I do, they’ll probably be with other nuts. I’m at home so I don’t even want to make cake from scratch!

So, I am currently between homes – one in AZ and one in NE – and my book is in the wrong state 😦 Would someone be willing to email this week’s recipe to me. I’d love to bake along, but forgot my book. Thanks!

I was just about to make these for my boys bday party tomorrow and I almost sliced my fingers off while making boobie cupcakes. I’m gonna try and get them done tomorrow if the bleeding ever stops!

I’d be happy to email you the recipe later Tessa. I probably won’t get to it until early evening, but I will definitely get it to you 🙂

Ok I sent it to you earlier Tessa. Let me know if you don’t receive it or if there are any issues.

I got it Tracey. Thanks a lot!

I made these tonight though I haven’t tried them because I’m not a pistachio girl. They’ll be delivered to my mom tomorrow. They’re “rustic” to say the least. I had a lot of trouble making the holes in the cookies before adding the jam – the dough was crumbly and kept cracking as I tried to make the holes. My dough may have been too cold but I was afraid if it was too warm the cookies would spread a ton in the oven. Otherwise, they came together easily and though the cracks worsened in the oven, the cookies did hold together. Hopefully they’re tasty, I’ll find out soon! I look forward to seeing how everyone else fared.

At the last minute, my daughter told me, she need to bring something to a shower, in less than two hours. In all fairness, she just found out, she could help and was not dumping this on me. In fact, she was planning to bake bar cookies but I told her, I had to make these anyway and I would be delighted.

I used hazelnuts which was the other option and I used orange marmalade because that is what I had, in the house.

It all came together easily and with limited time, I did not put it in the fridge for the full hour and the dough was workable. I would have liked it with a different filling but this was fine.


I had the fattest hangover of my life yesterday so didn’t get around to making these. Going to whip them up tonight and post in the morning 🙂

Ok, finally got my post up! Apologies – I’d hoped to get it up earlier but I went to a concert last night and was drained when I got home so bed seemed like a better option than typing up a post 🙂

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