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Butterscotch Pralines P&Q

Posted on: May 17, 2010


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I look forward to making the butterscotch pralines with you! Never made these before. A new challenge. I love challenges! 🙂

I’ve never made pralines either, they sound delicious!


Just made the Butterscoth Pralines! DIVINE!

I’m glad I pushed through the fear on this one. Cooking with sugar makes me a little nervous…temperature is so key. I had dissappointments in the past working with sugar…thus the trepidation.

There are some ideas that I may try using the pralines…if time permits.

Great choice! 😉


After I took photos, I felt that my pralines didn’t look like pralines. They looked like cookie dough batter.

I went online and my suspicions were confirmed. They didn’t look right. So, I put the candy back in a saucepan, melted it back down gently, stirring patiently, added a little corn syrup to move it along…when back in manageable liquid form (thick consistency) I kept the flame on low, then spooned the mixture onto a parchment lined tray.

YaY! Now they LOOK like pralines. I must say, they are delish!:)

Gave some to my neighbors…they loved it.


Glad you were able to get them to work out. I, too, had never made them before. Made them last night, and my husband already wants me to make more 🙂 I’m not sure how they are suppose to look, but they definitely are good! I may have to try out your suggestions on the next batch!


If you go online and search ‘images’ for pralines, you’ll see what they look like.

Also, Martha Stewart has a video on her site on how to make Pecan Pralines. What I took away from the video was how to put them on the tray with the spoon. It was very informative.


Carmen, thanks for telling us about martha’s video – very helpful!


Glad to help out my fellow bakers!


I can’y wait to make these! Never made pralines before, but I do love to eat them =)

I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to this week’s recipe! It has been a crazy week, and it’s not letting up any time soon!

We shall see! I just finished making the pie for next week so I just need to see if I want to mess with finicky sugar again.

Thanks for the tips Carmen. I had no idea what pralines were supposed to look like either! I watched the video and at least I know what to expect. Now I just have to buy a candy thermometer.

I made them last night and they’re really good, though I’m not sure they turned out quite right. If you are deciding between pots to boil the sugar in, choose the larger: it bubbled pretty high.

I tried to make them without the butterscotch chips and I don’t think I’d advise it. I’ve never had a praline before so no basis for comparison, but mine don’t seem to be setting up properly (and I have a reliable thermometer so I know I cooked it to the proper temperature).

Ok I whipped up a successful second batch of pralines from a different cookbook and can confirm that Melissa’s recipe does not work without the butterscotch chips.

Tessa, I am excited to try out these butterscotch pralines! It is my first time doing Sweet Melissa Sunday’s! I just got the cookbook about a week ago and I am really excited that you chose this recipe. I love butterscoth…although cooking sugar scares me a little bit just like some of the others have said. This will be a great recipe to try out! Thanks!


Thanks for the compliments on the pick! I’m not the most experienced cooking sugar either, but the recipe was pretty easy. Hope they turn out well!

I cut the recipe in half..I couldn’t get it to set so I stuck them in a pan and put them in the freezer. They may look strange but they tasted sweet and delicious!

I am so glad I read this. I wish I had read them before I goofed a few times but in the end, I got pralines, sweet as can be.

I saved some to put on ice cream. I think, it would make a delicious sauce. We will see, after a night in the fridge.


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