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Pavlova Peach Melba P&Q

Posted on: March 22, 2010


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Off-topic… I’m going on a trip overseas soon and I’ll have a 6 hour layover in London’s Heathrow Airport. Anyone have any ideas on great items (food items included) that shouldn’t be missed? If I’m lucky I might be able to find the (in)famous Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Hopefully it’s behind the security check otherwise I can’t put it in my carry-on luggage (since I won’t have access to my checked-in luggage until I get to my final destination).

Enjoy your trip! I have only been to London once and it was years ago, so I do not have any recommendations for you. I had to comment, though, because that syrup actually just appeared in the baking section of my local market. I didn’t buy any since I’m not sure what I’d make with it.

Get some Marmite! If you’re lucky there will be some of the new Marmite XO which has been matured longer. Heinz beans and some good old English tea is also a must!

I love golden syrup. I always use it to substitute light corn syrup.

I’m going to have to skip this recipe as I have a somewhat irrational fear of egg whites yet but I’ll be back for pecan cookies on April 4. Enjoy this recipe everyone!

Dawn–I don’t like egg whites either, so I just made the Peach Melba sauce to serve over ice cream. It was amazing!! Everybody was raving about it, and it was so easy to make!

Hmm…that sounds absolutely delicious. I’ll have to give at the sauce a chance after all.


I’d like to make this because I have a ton of egg whites in my freezer, but good (and reasonably priced) peaches and raspberries are going to be hard to come by here. I could probably use frozen raspberries and canned peaches – maybe I’ll go that route…

I’m going to miss this one sadly. But wanted to jump in and second to Hanaa to get golden syrup. I also love a cookie/bar called flapjacks that I haven’t been able to find outside the uk.

Sorry for skipping out on making the Pavlova for 3/28/10. I made this earlier this year. So, I’m ‘meringued out’! 🙂
Good luck everyone! This is such an excellent dessert!

Here is my Pavlova post with tips if you’re interested.


I probably wont have time to make this. I’ll be making 2 types of cupcakes and 2 types of cookies tonight and tomorrow and the rest of this weekend will be spent in a hotel for a convention. Maybe I’ll make it during the next week though!

On a side note, does anyone know of any good low sugar cake or cupcake recipes? Preferably one that substitutes apple sauce for some or all of the sugar? I’m making a cupcake cake for my niece’s 1st birthday and need a baby-friendly low sugar recipe.

I will be posting on Saturday. I was going to bake the pavlova today but its pouring rain. It will have to happen tomorrow!

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I found this on Joy of Baking and may be of help if you are making meringue when it rains…

If making meringues on a rainy day: From Joy of Baking


“If you decide to make meringues on a rainy or humid day, you will probably have to bake the meringues longer (could be up to 30 minutes more) than on a dry day. Lastly, to prevent cracking of the meringues, do not open the oven door during the first half of the baking time.”


Thanks Carmen. I have now posted the recipe on my blog. Enjoy!

I’m quite late on replying to this. Sorry! Just wanted to let you know that I used frozen raspberries for the sauce, and they worked just fine. I just made sure they were thawed out before beginning.

I’m running a bit late today so I just popped my pavlova in the oven. I made 1/4 recipe so mine is tiny. I’m using frozen peaches and like Tessa, I used frozen raspberries (thawed) for the sauce without problems. Hoping to have my post up by this afternoon.

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