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Double-crusted Caramel Apple Pie P&Q

Posted on: March 15, 2010


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I made this today – in honor of pi day. I made it with both pears and apples and it was amazing. Everyone loved it!

Oh yeah, I made it in a 9in pan and only baked for it for about 1 hour.

Despite the fact I didn’t make the carrot cake until today, I made this recipe several weeks ago and it’s really good. Like Nina’s, mine only took about an hour to bake.

I freakin’ can’t wait to make this!!

Katie xox

I look forward to making this…however…I hope my pie crust comes out flaky and delish. I’m a novice when it comes to pie crusts.

I need to make a smaller version- several other things to bake again this week (soda bread, cheesecake…). I was thinking of doing the filling but making it into a turnover with puff pastry. Thoughts? anyone else reducing?

I love apple pie!!! I guess its personal preference… but I thought the caramel sauce was TOO sweet (is that even possible?). And i guess it was the apples i used — but they were too sour. Of course, this tasted amazing warm & with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which balanced all the flavors.

Sounds like a great idea. I have one sheet of puff pastry in the freezer and it’s a busy week.

This pie sounds amazing! I’m thinking of digging out the pie maker and making minis of these…

I made this several weeks ago. I really liked it, but missed the cinnamon and nutmeg I usually have in my apple pies. The crust was wonderfully flaky.

I made this pie yesterday and thought the apples were to sweet and we could not taste the caramel. I would use different apples and add more caramel. The baking time was so long on this pie. I only baked it for 1 hour.

Ugh pie crusts are such a challenge for me! But they’re on my list to get better at making so I will make this one! 🙂 Which crust did everyone use and how did it work?

I need to make a smaller version. Too many sweets. Wondering if this could be made in mini tart pan?

Instead of a double-crusted pie, I’m thinking of making either a galette or caramel apple crisp (no crust means less calories). If I go the apple crisp route, I might try the Browned Butter Crisp I recently saw on Chocolate & Zucchini (I love the taste of browned butter). Turnovers sound really good too! Lots of options… :o)

I made Melissa’s all-butter pie crust. I added the max amount of water recommended and the dough was a bit sticky when I rolled it out, but it baked up fine and it was yummy.

I haven’t actually tried baking pies in my mini tart pan, just tart dough, but I assume it would work okay.

I was going to make a pie…but, being the creative soul that I am, I will do something mini…’cause I got inspiration from something that caught my eye today. 😉

I’m so impressed by all of you that formulate a plan and even bake more than a day in advance. SMS rarely gets made before Saturday here, and that’s generally about a time I come up with a plan too 🙂

You all have some great ideas! I’ve never made a pie crust and I’m not sure if I’m up for the challenge. I like Hanaa’s apple crisp idea.

I agree about the crusty Susan – it was amazing! I missed the spices too, but I still enjoyed the pie a lot.

I made very tiny minis – can’t wait to share tomorrow 🙂

Ack, I still have to make this! Going to bake it later and try and get it posted tonight!


I can so relate! I did start planning earlier in the week. But, had lots going on this week. I did make the recipe on time, but it was Saturday night and I STILL had not written the blog. When I realized it, I had to start immediately…tired as I was…late Saturday night.

I need another cup of java!

Here’s my version…

Baking is my Zen…sweet nibbles for the soul


Have a great day Bakers! Gorgeous day out today.

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