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Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting P&Q

Posted on: March 8, 2010


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Making these tomorrow night- might just do them muffin style (no frosting) because I’ve been making so many cupcakes. Anyone tried them yet?

I’m making these into a bundt cake..with a cream cheese glaze!

I plan on making the Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting tomorrow. Just to keep it fresh, I will attempt making small cakes…maybe.

Happy baking ladies!

I made this last night and it’s yummy! I did add a little orange zest and some sultanas in the mix and used a different (plain) cream cheese frosting – had a bad experience with the Sweet Melissa cream cheese frosting on the red velvet cake… Overall I found it a great cake though! Eating a piece right now while I type!

Ooo, love the sound of a bundt cake! They’re always so pretty… x

I have my own carrot cake recipe and at first I was a lil hesitant to try any other recipe but I made this into cupcakes. And it’s pretty good! I loved the orange cream cheese frosting.

I’m tempted to make these into cupcakes but I feel like I always do that with cake recipes lately so maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually make a layer cake! I just need to find someone to eat it…

I actually made a layer cake for once.

I have to say, I didn’t really enjoy this recipe. The top part of the cake went dry and papery, and a little like meringue in texture while the inside remained a little too moist.

Hope everyone else had better results.

Darn..I don’t want to make it unless it’s good..I plan on taking it to a pot luck. Is there anything you would do different. I have the best carrot cake recipe in the universe and I know this one can’t be better..Im so torn.

I have my fav.cc recipe too..I want to try this but Im nervous it will taste bad. Maybe cupcakes is the ticket!

Of course, this cake wont compare to any of our favorite CC recipes.

It didnt taste bad. It wasnt over the top either. LOL.

I halved the recipe, made cupcakes, followed the directions for the cake and frosting to a T, and they were good.

To Spike–I ate one piping hot without frosting and it was very good. I even said to my husband, “These are good cupcakes, but they’d be good muffins too.”

My favorite carrot cake recipe has crushed pineapple in it and it is to-die-for. But these were good. There won’t be any leftover, so that counts for something, right?! And, by the way, I baked them for 23 minutes, just in case any of the cupcake people wanted to know. They weren’t dry at all. Just tasty.

When we made the red velvet cake, I made the majority of the batter into cupcakes and made a mini layer cake in my 4.5-inch pans to have the fun of making a layer cake. I think I will do the same thing this time.

I’ve only made one carrot cake before and it was just okay, so I really have nowhere to go but up.

Good idea Margot! I don’t have 6-inch cake pans but I do have the mini springforms so maybe I’ll try that so I can get the layer cake experience!

Hi guys. Just a quick note, could you beautiful ladies please vote or me here. You don’t have to put your email address in and i’d appreciate it so much 🙂


I made these last night- halved the recipe like Melissa and came up with 12 small “muffins”. I agree, tasted great without any frosting! I added a few handfuls of chopped pecans and the tiny bit of coconut I had left and sprinkled coarse sugar on top 10 minutes into baking. They tasted even better this morning!

I’m so excited. I finally made it back in the kitchen. I baked the cake last night.
I halved the recipe and made 3 4″ inch minicakes. I’m freezing one. The other two I’m splitting to make layers and taking one to a party and the other to my mother’s.
I also added rum-soaked raisins.

Wendy, rum-soaked raisins! Yum!

I opted to follow the recipe this go round when it came to the ingredients. Even though this recipe doesn’t have the ‘usual’ ingredients for Carrot Cake, it’s really good. But, rum-raisins would make this even better!


My plan tonight is to make half the recipe and make a 1 layer cake (will be using my leftover White Chocolate Mousse from THIS post as frosting). My changes: substitute 25% of the sugar with brown sugar and add orange zest to the batter. Not sure if my copy of the book is the only one with this typo, but my copy says to use 1 1/2 Tablespoons of ground cinnamon. I’m sure that’s supposed to be 1 1/2 teaspoon.


I did notice it…and used it as written. The cake was great.

for anyone who hasn’t made this yet and wants an added kick or just to experiment… i added crushed pineapple to the cake batter. i tossed it in with the carrots after draining them of as much liquid as i could. yum!

ps. my cake was perfectly baked ten minutes sooner than the suggested time 🙂

So I made a bundt cake and 2 ramekins. They both took around 50 minutes at 350. I tried to take the bundt out of the pan this morning, but that didn’t really work. I’ll try in a little bit after class.

ps. and yes i am in class right now haha.

I made the cake exactly like the recipe…it came out great! The frosting came out perfect too. Do not leave out the orange zest..it’s amazing. I was a little nervous about this cake but I am so happy I went for it. Now for the taste test!

I really enjoyed the taste of the cake. I was surprised how good it was…especially since it was missing the traditional components to a Carrot Cake…namely, the pineapple and coconut.

The frosting (for me) was a disappointment. I did not warm up to the orange zest in the frosting…I wish I had left it out…it’s just what I prefer. For others it’s a wonderful addition.

Differences…that’s what makes the world go round!

For those who want to scale back – I made 1/4 of the recipe and baked it in two 4.5″ springform pans. It was the perfect amount! The baking time was almost 30 minutes.

It turned out to be delicious but I had to bake it a lot longer than stated. It was wet in the middle and took an extra 15 minutes to have it finish.


I decided to make mini’s. So, I made four variations:
1-mini carrot stick
2-mini trifle
3-Two-layer mini cake
4-mini carrot cake covered with Cream Cheese Frosting

Check out the photos on …http://bakingismyzen.blogspot.com

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