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Sugar Cookies P&Q

Posted on: February 21, 2010


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these. are. bland. even with the lemon zest. my opinion. and unless i can’t read or managed to miss it the first three times, there are no actual instructions on how to bake the cookie version, just the crust. i baked at 350 for 9-10 mins.

please do yourself a favor and add some much needed flavoring to this recipe. 🙂

Sorry Nina. I have to pass on this one. I can honestly say, I have never met a sugar cookie that I liked :o(

AW I’m sorry jeannette, but I do agree, they are bald, but I actually made them into decorated sugar cookies so they had LOADS of sugar on top haha, but also it’s there is the option to make it into the crust – I don’t see why not!

I made these and sold them at an event last night. I didn’t taste them but everyone seemed to love them. I added loads of lemon and a tsp of vanilla before topping them with a tonne of fondant.

Im making these and looking fwd to it.

Im excited to make these. I love sugar cookies and I think I will add some yummy lemon flavoring along with the lemon zest..top it with some vanilla frosting and can we say Tasty! Thank you Nina for the great choice!:)

I just put the cookie dough together..have not baked them yet ..but so far everything is good.
I noticed in the recipe there wasn’t any baking powder listed. I refered back to my favorite sugar cookie recipe and added 1 1/2 tsp. of baking powder,I added 3/4 cup of sugar, an entire lemon zest and 2 squirts of lemon juice! It smells so lemony and good. The dough is chillin in the fridge and I will bake them up soon. Vanilla frosting is waiting on the counter!

Ok ya all..these cookies are fantastic! I made some changes(see above. I seriously think the etra sugar(3/4 cups total) and the fresh lemon juice(about 1 tsp) was the ticket! Oh I didn’t see a baking time or oven temp..so I baked at 350 for 10 min..you have to bake a little longer in my oven..so maybe different for you.

Oh I did and they are sooo good…more sugar and fresh lemon juice..as well as the whole stinkin rind..it worked cus these cookies are GOOD!!!

I made these gluten free and my husband could not stop eating them. I added some orange and more lemon after reading the comments. In our house, these are just great.


i’m going to make these soon. thanks for the tips Michelle! I think I’ll give it a try!

Your welcome Stephanie! I hope you enjoy!

Hi! I look forward to posting my recipe and joining SMS this Sunday. This looks like fun and a great way to encourage baking…

hint: I don’t need much prodding to bake though. 🙂


Sorry to skip this week’s recipe Nina! Pneumonia and ear infections are making the rounds at our house, so we haven’t been getting much done!

After reading all of the comments, I turned the cookies into a pie crust as the book said was an option. I used it for a buttermilk pie. The issue came with the crust cracking. It ended up taking the whole batch for one pie crust! I used powdered sugar to roll it out with instead of flour, this added the extra sweet. The pie was good but exceedingly sweet. Maybe the combination of sugars was too much. I would use this again as a crust but perhaps with a more tart filling like sour lemon or something. Im just a little late getting it on my blog – hopefully today or tomorrow’s with the pecan cake.

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