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Melissa’s Butterscotch Pudding P&Q

Posted on: January 25, 2010


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Sorry Im going to pass on the pudding this week. I will be back with the cake on Feb. 7.

I’m still debating whether or not I’m making this. I will definitely be making the cake, but blue!

blue velvet! I love it. Has anyone made the pudding yet? I’m going to try to scale it down. Heading out of town and won’t be able to eat it all before I go (or shouldn’t eat it all before I go!)

I haven’t made it yet, but I’m thinking 1/3 to get two servings.

I’m not going to be doing the pudding as I don’t like the texture. Instead I’m going to do the brownies a week late!

Life just got away from me this week.

I have to apologize to Melissa because I’ll be sitting the pudding out this week too! I rarely skip but no one likes butterscotch pudding here so I’d end up throwing this out if I did make it. Can’t wait to see how it goes for everyone else!

Ooops, sorry, that should be an apology to Jennifer not Melissa – not enough sleep last night….

I hate that y’all aren’t as big of fans! I love good butterscotch, which is really hard to come by. I’ve yet to make this yet but I hope it’s up to par!!! 🙂

I’m making it tonight!! I’ve never made or eaten a pudding before (the US definition of a pudding, that is) so very excited to see how it turns out! Big fan of butterscotch so thinking it’s going to be yum! Thanks for the pick, Jennifer.

I’m excited to make this one, I absolutely love butterscotch! It will be fun to compare this one to the butterscotch pudding we made with TWD a while ago.

I’ll be making this tonight for a dinner party at my place tomorrow. Great pick, Melissa! Especially since I wasn’t going to do any more SMS baking this month (already baked 2 things) but this one sounds too good to pass up :o)

I am going to be snowed in this weekend and will be making this. I think I am going to scale it down, but am excited to give it a try.

I am going to sit this one out, also. I hate pudding of all kinds. I’m sure I’d end up throwing it away. I’m sorry, Jennifer.

I made a half recipe, the little ramekins are in the oven right now. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous…I tasted the caramel cream mixture before whisking it into the egg yolks and although it did have an amazing butterscotch flavor it seemed quite salty. I went right to the recipe to make sure I didn’t goof up and add too much salt but I didn’t…

Anyone find their puddings salty? Maybe after baking it will mellow out.

Andrea–We just ate ours, and I agree. They are too salty. My four-year-old said, “Mom, I was hoping this would be good, but it wasn’t.” Out of the mouths of babes…

And, I cut the recipe in half, used four 4-oz ramekins, and baked them for about 40 minutes, just in case anyone only has small ramekins like mine. But definitely cut down on the salt. You could probably cut the salt amount in half and still be OK.

These are delicious!! I served them at my dinner party this evening and everybody loved them. I garnished them with sweetened whipped cream. If you’re still on the fence, I’d say make them… BUT only add 1/4 to 3/8 tsp of salt if you’re making the whole batch. When I read 1 tsp of salt, I was like “I don’t think so”.

Ended up LOVING this one, thanks for a great pick Jennifer! Next time will decrease salt though, that was the only negative.

THANKS everyone for baking with me this week! I loved the pudding, took the advice and halved the salt which I think is a MUST.

So weird! I didn’t think it was too salty at all! Maybe b/c I used sea salt? Hm, strange!

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