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Chocolate Creme Caramels P&Q

Posted on: December 16, 2009


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Has anyone made these yet? I’m hoping to fit them in tomorrow and possible halve the recipe. So many sweets!

I’m making half the recipe but tomorrow, too.

I made the full recipe, using my 10″ square cake pan and came out with about 8 dozen (1″ X 1″)!!!. When Melissa says use a LARGE sauce pan — believe it!!! My full batch ALMOST boiled over!!!

These were awesome!

Went with the full recipe instead… see my post below.

These sound tasty. I plan on doing a half batch as well.

I’ll be making the full batch hopefully today. I have a new candy thermometer in tow!!

I’m so excited!!

I just made half a batch and put it in a 9 in. circle cake pan. It set up nicely. I dont have a candy thermometer, but I think it’s a pretty good one. It set up pretty well or is setting up at this moment!

Just in case this helps anyone, I have a manual read thermometer (non-digital) and I pulled the caramel off when it read 248 degrees and it hardened too much. second attempt I pulled it off a few degrees before (roughly 242 degrees) and it turned out perfectly.

This may be a silly question, but for those of you who already made the caramels, did you actually wrap them all individually? I’m not sure I’m that motivated 🙂

I have not made them yet, but that sure sounds tedious, so I probably won’t bother.

Jeannette, thanks for the tip about taking it off a few degrees early, I will do the same.

Thanks Margot. Sarah told me it was unnecessary too so I’m skipping it.

I heated the caramel all the way to 248 on my thermometer (another non-digital) and it seemed to work well. We’ll see how it sets up!

As yummy as these sound, I think I am sitting this one out. I still have a TON of stuff left over from Christmas and my jeans are getting tight. 😦 Can’t wait to read about how they turn out for everyone who makes them.

Going to store to get ingredients…going to make them tonight…in between organizing my pantry and refrigerator…

I organized my pantry while making these earlier today! Great minds….

Caramels are delish. I made the honey version and followed Jeanette’s recommendation to pull them off the heat at 242 degrees. I actually would like them to be a tad bit softer and wonder if pulling them off a few degrees earlier would have accomplished that?

i’ll have to sit this one out, too! but i am excited to read about all of yours! maybe when i get a candy thermometer one day i’ll try them 🙂

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I made these but did not have time to post my results. I made caramels last Christmas using Alice Medrich’s recipe, which was great. I let mine go to 252 degrees and did not feel that they were chewy enough. What consistency did the rest of you achieve at 248 degrees? Any info would be appreciated.

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