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Butter Toffee Crunch P&Q

Posted on: November 9, 2009


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I’d like to scale this recipe back and I was hoping to get a sense of how much toffee the full recipe makes. Has anyone finished this one yet?

I scaled this down to 1/4 of the recipe. I didnt make it yet, but according to my calculations, it will yield approx. 3/4 lb.

i scaled it down by 1/2 and i got about 3/4 of a regular cookie sheet’s worth.

make sure to cook this to proper temperature. if you don’t, it won’t set right.

like mine. 😦

Yeah, I plan on scaling it down as well.

Thanks Karen! I saw that Melissa said the yield of a full recipe was 3 lb but I had no sense of just how much toffee that was. I think I’ll probably do 1/4 too.

Bummer it didn’t work out for you Jeannette! Thanks for the help on the yield. Sounds like 1/4 recipe will be perfect.

You really get like 30 seconds between undercooked and burned with candy, at least that’s my experience. I will make sure to watch the thermometer very carefully.

Since I’m leaving for San Diego this weekend for a masquerade ball and I still have homework to do, I’ll be on a boat, dancing most of Saturday night.

Most of all, I dont have a candy thermometer. that doesnt help in the whole process. =[

For anyone without a candy thermometer, my mom has an old recipe for toffee where you cook the mixture until it is the exact color of a brown paper bag, then pull it from the heat. You actually keep a brown paper bag next to you on the counter! I didn’t try it this way, but maybe that would work. I did it the REAL way using my oh-so-expensive candy thermometer from King Arthur, and the stupid thing goofed up and the whole batch burned! And yes, I made a whole batch! Pooh!

Tracey- I think this recipe will probably make a lot. To give you an idea, the tin of peppermint bark at Williams Sonoma is one pound.

Thank you! I couldn’t get a sense for how much 3 lbs was -if the WS tin is 1 lb I’m going to need to scale this recipe WAY back. I’m not sure anyone will eat it. Maybe I’ll try 1/8.

Sorry Melissa for your troubles with burning the entire batch, that really stinks. I would have flipped out!
Im so going to scale this one back. Im sure we can’t eat 3 pounds of candy without blowing up!

I just finished making this — took 20 minutes! As I said before I scaled it down to 1/4 of the recipe. I couldnt find my rimmed cookie sheet and i dont have a jelly roll pan (*gasp*) — what i do have a lot of are 7″ round aluminum disposaable cake pans and i dumped it all in there. I now have a nice 7″ round hunk of candy cooling on the counter — and it feels like its 1lb!

I cut the recipe in half and it turned out ok. I was so worried about scorching the candy Im pretty sure I took it off the burner too soon. Mine definitely does not have a crunch, it’s soft like caramel. The kids love it though.
One suggestion I have is when you put the blanched almonds on top you may want to slightly press them down into the chocolate. They didn’t stick to well for me.

I just made this. I cut the receipe in half as well. You have to watch it closely. Mine came up to temperature a lot faster than I expected. The recipe went together really fast. Can’t wait to try it later today.

I feel really guilty. I had the intention of making this (I have always wanted to make toffee) and somehow got side-tracked and made cashew brittle from The Craft of Baking, instead. I’m sorry for not baking along with the group, but I was with you, in spirit. Would you recommend this recipe?

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