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Pear Cranberry Muffins with Gingersnap Crumble P&Q

Posted on: November 2, 2009


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these sound amazing!

Looks like the base recipe for the pear muffins is the same as that for the peach muffins from a while back. I didn’t make the peach muffins at the time but I remember a lot of people finding them to be too dense. Some fiddled with the recipe and made them work. Anyone care to share the changes they made to “fluff” up these muffins? Thanks!

I added some extra milk to my peach muffin batter and the muffins seemed pretty fluffy. I can’t remember for sure (sorry), but I might have used half&half instead of heavy cream (I know I did when I made the savory muffins).

I’m curious about the crumble. Ok, I know this is heresy, but has anyone used purchased Ginger snaps for the crumble? How does the crumble compare to a typical streusel?

I just made mine since I’m home under the weather and bored. Unfortunately I forgot about the density if the peach muffins until I was mixing the liquid in. I did add some more cream but it didn’t really help. Don’t get my wrong, they are quite tasty but dense.

I used store bought Gingersnaps and thought it was ok. I’m not really a gingersnap person though. I halved the entire recipe which means the crumble was quartered; I still had some leftover.

Thanks Margot. That sounds like a good idea. I’m contemplating adding some buttermilk or sour cream. I might also cream the butter and sugar vs using melted butter. The other thought I have is using dried cranberries (soaked in some hot orange juice to reconstitute them) instead of fresh cranberries. I just don’t think 1/2 cup sugar in the recipe is enough to sweeten the muffins when using fresh cranberries. It’s just a hunch…

Thanks for the reply. I might use purchased Gingersnaps, as well. I always think of muffins as “quick and easy” recipes and to make a batch of cookies first may be too much this time around.

I just made these and they’re delicious. Soft, tender, moist, and packed with flavor. I used store bought gingersnaps (albeit from Holland) for the crumble. The other change I made is reduce the amount of flour to 2.25 cups (from 2.75 cups). I also changed the leavening to 2 tsp of baking powder and 1 tsp of baking soda. I originally did that because I was going to use buttermilk and/or sour cream, but I ended up following the recipe and using the heavy cream/milk mixture as stated. Other changes: added some ground ginger to the muffin batter and used the zest of 1 whole orange (I didn’t measure how much it was but it looked like more than the 1.5 tsp in the book).

I had crumble left, even after generously using it on each muffin. So I froze the rest. It’s really really tasty crumble. I think it’s my go-to crumble from now (if the ginger taste matches whatever it tops).

Oh, and I used 1 cup of chopped pears (which was one and a half ripe pears) and 1/3 cup of craisins (softened in some hot water, and drained very well).

I really was going to make these, sometime before my big event that I leave for on Friday, but whilst baking sugar cookies today, I burned myself. Across the palm and on my middle and ring finger. They look like second degree burns, so I’ll be out for this week! It makes me sad because I really like pears and muffins so put together would be even better.

You poor thing! Sorry to hear!

Sorry to hear, Nina. Get better soon!!! Wishing you well!!!

Hanaa- I made the peach muffins with buttermilk and they turned out great. I used it in place of the cream.

Oh no! Take time to heal!

Nina – Take care of those burns. I did that a while back and they are so painful. I found that aloe seemed to help with the pain. Take good care!

Off-topic… Does anyone live in the vicinity of Vegas or has visited there? I’m specifically looking for “must-eat” foods, especially desserts. Any recommendations? I’m flying over there on a biz trip this weekend. Thanks!!

I brought these to work and to another event. I’ve never seen muffins disappear so quickly.

For those of you in TWD, I used the spice cookies in the crumble topping. YUM!

Las Vegas—definitely go to Bouchon. Both breakfast and dinner are amazing. The Bread is perfect. It’s in the Venetian.
Also the Burger Bar in Mandalay is wonderful. Tao at the Venetian has great Asian Fusion food. There is an In n’ Out in Vegas if you want to go–get the neopolitan shake. It’s all 3 shake flavors in one.

Thank you, Wendy. I checked out Bouchon online… wow, that looks nice. I didn’t know it was Thomas Keller’s. Now I’m super excited!!!

Hanaa–You’re probably already there and not checking the blog anymore, but I grew up in Las Vegas and just moved 3 years ago. I miss it!! My husband and I used to go to Rosemary’s all the time, and it is amazing. It isn’t on the strip; it’s way out in the burbs. Delicious food. Try it if you can.

And I can’t participate this week, at least not by Sunday. We’ve had family in town, a community project at my husband’s office, and our daughter’s 4th birthday all in the same week, as well as a whole afternoon trying to get the H1N1 vaccine for the whole family (unsuccessful attempt #2, I might add), and then a little seasonal flu to top it all off. I’ll try to catch up this week!!!

Hey everyone!!! Thanks so much for baking with me this week!!!! I love these muffins and hope you do too! I cant think of a more perfect Fall muffin!

I’m so sorry I didn’t post today! I do really want to make these but my cat was rushed to hospital on Thursday and I’ve been really preoccupied with nursing him back to health!

I promise I’ll have these up by Wednesday!

Trying to get my post up now. Sorry to hear you got burned Nina. I hope you heal quickly.

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