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Spiced Pumpkin Cookie Cakes P&Q

Posted on: October 12, 2009


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I think I’m going to sit this week out. I couldn’t find pumpkin when I went shopping today, and because of my three midterms this week I won’t be making another trip anytime soon. Sorry Debbie!

I had to order canned pumpkin puree for the MS Cupcake Club anyways. My cans are HUGE! and I bought 12 of them.

I heard they’re having a pumpkin shortage which is seems to be related to the lack of pumpkin puree.

Hi Nina, how is school? Thanks for the heads up about the pumpkin; I went to Stater Bros. Market and had no problem finding the pumpkin puree, but just to be safe I bought 6 cans, LOL.

I’d heard about canned pumpkin shortages this year, but I saw plenty of it at Whole Foods today and bought a few cans. I’m looking forward to pumpkin cookies!

schools being difficult like always. Stressing out about things, but it’s all going to be okay. I guess the safeway lady who told me there wasnt any pumpkin was just lying.

I saw canned pumpkin at my local food hall but its so expensive what with it being imported!

I’m a bit scared of this one… I made pumpkin brownies once and they were vile. Are pumpkin deserts really that tasty?

Love pumpkin desserts! That’s so interesting about the canned pumpkin- I was at the nursery yesterday buying mums and the woman helping me said almost everyone coming in said they had a problem growing pumpkins this year. I saw a huge display at the grocery store- I’m definitely going to go stock up now!!

I think pumpkin goodies are awesome! I made this bourbon pumpkin cheesecake that was to. die. for.

I guess it’s all about what you like, personally 🙂

This is the first I’m hearing of a pumpkin shortage, but I spend all day watching kids’ shows! Katie–Pumpkin desserts CAN be really tasty; don’t count them all out just because those brownies turned out gross. We had pumpkin custard for dessert at my in-laws last week, and my sweet father-in-law forgot to put in any sugar! Barf! We all kept eating and just spooned on tons of whipped cream!

i found pumpkin puree in waitrose for £1.19 the other day… Might be a london thing but if you’re close to one might be worth a punt… Can’t comment on whether they’re nice or not though!!! R x

Im looking fwd to this one. I found my pumpkin at Costco.

I think the pumpkin is in limited supply until the end of October. The stores don’t have their usual mountain of puree cans for display.

I read somewhere that the pumpkins used are sugar pumpkins? With this in mind I think I’ll give it a try.

Better be good, a can of pumpkin is £4 which is bloody expensive for a can of mushy veg :p

Katie xox

Good lord- that’s over $6 here!

Now I’m thankful for cheap canned pumpkin in my market!

I made these last night- so good. I flavored the filling with maple syrup instead of the orange and vanilla.

I know! If I wanted a box of Hershey’s cocoa powder I’d have to pay £8.50 😦

American groceries are SO expensive over here. Such a shame cause everything is just so fun and delicious 😦

mmm but the best chocolate isn’t american (strictly my opinion). hershey’s couldn’t hold a candle to german chocolate 🙂 or french chocolate. mmmmmm.

We Americans do know how to make things fun and delicious!

Do you think I could Substitute the molasses for maple syrup or dark corn syrup? I’m trying to use those up?

Hey Katie – I always have trouble finding Libby’s in the UK and have usually ended up forking out £3-4 per can at Selfidges – so I panicked this time when I dropped by before the MSC bake and they didn’t have ’em in stock – BUT I managed to find another brand at Waitrose labeled ‘Paula – Pumpkin Puree’ (from Canada, apparently) which worked perfectly for these cookie cakes and the cupcakes!! Plus, it’s relatively cheap!!

Oops, sorry Rosy! Just realized you already tipped Waitrose.. hope it helps though, Katie! x

I say go for it – I sub’d maple syrup and the cakes turned out yummy! enjoy! x

I did not have a good result with this recipe! You can visit my blog to see my cookies; maybe the rainy weather affected them. They looked good, the filling was yummy but the cookies tasted very bland. I hope everyone else had a wonderful tasting dessert but I didn’t!

If you get a chance to make them they are worth the trip but I completely understand.

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