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Apple Orchard Pecan Crumble P&Q

Posted on: September 28, 2009


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So excited about this one! I brought a bushel of apples home today from a local farm, and can’t wait to dig into them!

I have the apples and pecans…but I want to make mini versions. I’m thinking in foil cups?

maybe i’ll just make it in the full version. but mini versions are just easier to carry and what not. =]

I’m psyched about this one too! I love apple desserts and I’ve still got apples from a recent orchard trip. I may skip the pecans though.

Yum, I love apple crumble! Can’t wait for this one!!

Out of curiosity, I believe I read the recipe to use 4 different types of apples to give this crisp great flavor. Did I read this right?

This was good! I made half the recipe and used four ramekins. If you’re going to make a smaller version, I’d keep the crumble mixture the same cause i felt there should have been more crumble!

What a perfect fall recipe! I was going to take my daughter to the apple orchard this weekend anyway…

personally, I’m just using two out of the suggested 4. I’m pretty sure as long as you have the 7 apples it’ll be okay.

I made this yesterday and it was great except for I ended up using 3 Gala apples with the Granny Smiths. The Galas got mushy so I made a bad call (yeah, I know they weren’t in the list but they were on sale). Good things to happen were I subbed some whole wheat flour for the AP flour and added some caramel syrup since I didn’t have whipped creme. Delicious!

Another great Fall recipe. I like the idea of making mini versions. All of these carbs can’t be good for us!

Your right but just how well can a person taste 4 different types of apples baked together? I just thought the idea was a little excessive but then maybe it was just me =).

Ooohh! Tha caramel syrup sounds delish!

I am going to have to do this recipe later… my little boy has his 1st birthday party this weekend!!! Happy baking 🙂

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I am going to have to make this at a later date. My little boy has his 1st birthday party this weekend! Happy baking 🙂

p.s.- Stop by my site to win some Italian goodies!!

This is a fantastic recipe. Its so easy because you melt the butter rather than cut it in. I look forward to making this again for Sunday’s post.

I made this yesterday and it is delicious! I didn’t sweeten my apples at all – I never put sugar in apple pie – and it was plenty sweet. The crumble has more than enough sugar – palm sugar in my case – for the whole thing. A full recipe got me one 9″ pie pan and 2 mini pies worth.

I love anything with apples in it and can’t wait to try this recipe. I love the caramel suggestion. May have to make some caramel sauce to drizzle over it. Ooo, and some vanilla ice cream! 🙂

this begs for vanilla ice cream to be plopped on top with caramel drizzle and as it all starts to melt, take a heaping biteful and sigh with happiness.

i’ll have to scale WAY down because i’ll be enjoying this alone. any scaling suggestions for two 4″ ramekins?

Can’t wait to make this – making it tomorrow night for some friends and I love crumble! Jeannette, I bet you could pop it in the freezer if you can’t scale it easily…

I think I may make the Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream to go with this! Yummy!

Im making this Saturday for my parents. They are coming over for lunch!

I’m going to make this tomorrow. Does anyone think that the amount of “crumble” needs to be increased? I like lots of crisp with my apples. Also, what do you think about other nut options? I’m not a huge pecan fan.

I always use walnuts for the crumbles I have made in the past. By all means increase the crumble if you like more!

I’m looking forward to making this one! And I just took a look the next 4 week’s recipe picks… Yikes, they all sound SO GOOD. I think I’m going to need to start exercising again!! 🙂

I made this last night and it was delicious! I think I sliced my apples too thin and while they weren’t mush, they were definitely soft. But, the taste is to die for!!!

Just finished making them. Mini sized ones. SUPER YUMMY. I had doubled the crumble. definitely a good idea.

Thanks, Michelle. Your feedback was appreciated. i went with the walnuts and they were great!

Hi, I just posted my apple crisp blog post. This is a fantastic recipe and is perfect when you need something quick for dessert.

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