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Caramelized Onions, Sage, and Cheddar Muffins P&Q

Posted on: September 21, 2009


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I’m really excited about hosting this week, especially since it’s our first savory recipe from the book. With “soup season” around the corner, these are a perfect accompaniment. Looking forward to having you bake them with me.

These sound so good! I really love savory quick breads and muffins and can’t wait to bake these. I’m planning to do half with the onions and half with caramelized mushrooms, mmm 🙂

Nice Pick Hanaa. Im thinking a big bowl of Creamy Potato soup will go well with these Muffins!

I’ve never had/made savory quick breads before, just savory yeast breads, so this should be fun and interesting! Your mushroom idea sounds great.

I can’t wait to try these! I’ve never had a savory muffin! I might use feta rather than cheddar though. I think it’ll go better with the onion.

Yum! I’m thinking of making Creamy Chicken-Wild Rice-Barley Soup. I hope I have time to make that. It’s one of my fav soups.

I think feta would work really well too. Maybe onions + roasted bell peppers… (sorry, I’m thinking out loud) 🙂

I’m excited about this recipe. I hadn’t thought to pair them with soup, but that’s a great idea and a nice excuse to make some soup. I’ve made savory quick bread before and it’s yummy!

I think I may just halve this recipe since I’m not all really into the savory bread. Although I did have garlic bread this one time at a party where there were actual garlic cloves baked into a bread and it was really good.

I’m thinking maybe a butternut squash soup or even leek and potato. Nom!!

I plan on making these tonight with some soup. Looking forward to it!

i was going to opt out of making these… but NOW i just have to make these. some homemade chili or beef stew with these biscuits… mmmmmmm. gotta make some without onions for the fiance tho.

I’m thinking if you don’t like onions, you could very easily use oven-roasted garlic. Stick a whole head of garlic in the oven (drizzled with some olive oil) at 350 and bake for 30-45 min or so. Use any herb you like with it (maybe a prominent herb in your soup or stew) and voila!

So I baked these tonight and they had a little kick, as in spicy. Did any one else experience this or did I add more cayenne than I was supposed to? I like spicy but I just wasn’t expecting it.

Spicy? They get better and better!! I’ll be making these tomorrow with feta cheese and a spicy tomato and basil soup! Nom!

I think I’ll be making these tonight! I’m going to leave the onion out of half of them for my pickie roommates, and might end up subbing thyme for the sage because I forgot to get sage at the grocery store and don’t have time for another trip. And I’m really excited about the prospect of them being spicy, that sounds great!

As hot as it still is in sunny southern California, all of the soups mentioned above sound great to go along with these muffins, especially the Creamy Chicken-Wild Rice-Barley Soup. All would have been great to eat during my trip to Barcelona, where it rained for most of the days and I missed home cooking. Well, I’m back home now, ready to start baking with SMS girls again.

Im not going to lie to you, I had no clue how to caramelize onions.
This link is helpful!


Im baking the muffins today. We are having company over tonight for Potato soup, SMS Muffins and TWD Caramel Tart!

Welcome back! They don’t have the best weather in Barcelona, compared to the rest of Spain but it must be nice to be there anyway. Such a historic city.

I will be making the soup either today or tomorrow, using homemade chicken stock from a couple days ago.

Thanks for the link, Michelle. I guess I never thought about that since I do a lot of cooking.

Couple more tips:
– onions shrink significantly, so I’m planning on doubling the amount of raw onions which will hopefully result in the right amount of caramelized onions in the end
– I like to cook onions in extra-virgin olive oil but you could use any oil you like
– I was planning on adding half of the salt and pepper, and some of the cayenne to the onions to give them more flavor, otherwise the onion bits in the muffins might taste “blah” while the muffin is too salty (1.5 tsp of salt sounds like a lot to me)
– also, adding salt to onions draws out more moisture from them, allowing the browning process to occur a little faster

Oh, and as a big garlic fan, I will also be adding some very finely chopped garlic to the onions, once the onions are cooked about halfway (adding the garlic too early will result in burned garlic which tastes bitter).

My muffins are done and waiting for the evening events to be tasted! My muffin batter or dough was super thick …not to worry though the muffins are big and beautiful!

I just finished making mine this afternoon. I was a bit worried because the batter was thick but the muffins were moist and not at all dense. Mine were a bit bland but still good! I think they’d be delicious as part of a meal!

Hi, I have caramelized shallots instead of onions and I’m hoping to bake the muffins in the early am on Sunday. Also, my sage from my garden looks terrible, I think I’ll add some fresh chives. I’m teaching a technique class at the store at noon, maybe I can post my results before then!

Are we going to get the Oct. recipes soon? I see the one for Oct. 6. Thanks!

These muffins are wonderful! Great choice.

Hey Michelle, I emailed Lorelai with my pick for Oct. 11- the Sticky Buns with Toasted Almonds on page 39!

I’m late! Just made mine today. I love how they turned out. I added one clove of chopped garlic to my onions and a bit of balsamic vinegar after the onions had started to carmelize. I used a whole vidalia onion. Yummy! Great choice Hanaa!

Thank you! I like to plan ahead so this will be so helpful..what a great selection!

I’m looking forward to making this one! And I just took a look the next 4 week’s recipe picks… Yikes, they all sound SO GOOD. I think I’m going to need to start exercising again!! 🙂

I’d love the recipe for that soup, too! I searched your site and didn’t find it.

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