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Orange Scented Scones P&Q

Posted on: September 14, 2009


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Im so excited about this weeks selection..I love scones!! Thank you Robin of Lady Craddock’s for the great recipe.selection. I look fwd to Sunday!

I just had to add I saw the recipe for Oct. 4 and am really excited for that one too. It screams Fall!

Hi everyone, I have made the scones a few times now and if you really want the orange flavor to come through you might want to double the zest. Or you could make an orange glaze for them; they are yummy. Have made them with rolled oats and with the oat flour, I prefer the oat flour but they are great either way.

I hope I get to make these scones this week. I’ll definitely try. Thanks for the tip, Robin. I was considering the orange glaze. I love Panera Bread’s orange-glazed orange scones.

I just bought some orange blossom water I think might be a nice addition to these scones. Yum!

Katie where do you find the orange blossom water? It sounds really interesting.

I love Panera’s Tart Cherry scones, yummmmm!

My cookbook came today!!! I love scones and can’t wait to try these. Going to pick up the ingredients I will need tomorrow. Looking forward to my first post with SMS.

I’m really looking forward to these, they sound delicious. I’m thinking some chocolate whipped cream and orange marmalade would go really well 🙂

I bought it in a shop called Waitrose but I found it on Amazon too!


You can find orange blossom water in a Middle Eastern grocery store. You might also be able to find orange blossom water in the ethnic section of your local grocery store (Middle Eastern section).

Thank you Hanna.
I just made my scones and they are in the oven right now.I used my bosch mixer for the final mixing of the dough and it came out in a perfect ball ready to roll. This dough is super easy to handle(especially after the TWD turnover dough):) and not sticky at all! THey were so easy to prepare! I just peeked into the oven and they are popping up and looking fat and wonderful! Oh man I can’t wait to eat one!
I did put twice the amound of orange zest and also put some in the glaze topping!

There out of the oven and they are delicious. Definitely add the extra orange zest!

has anyone though of possibly putting oranges straight INTO the scones? I think I may try that. =]

These are so good! I made a glaze of orange juice and powdered sugar for the top- upped the orange flavor. I’ve already had two for breakfast, whoops!

Nina, what a great idea. I would think you’d have to reduce the amount of liquid in the dough.

Just took mine out of the oven. I made orange sugar by adding a few drops of orange extract to some raw sugar and I sprinkled that on top. Added the extra zest and about 1/4 tsp. orange extract to dough. Super easy to throw together and they taste wonderful.

So I did end up adding in oranges into the scones. I also added chocolate chips. But yes, it was yummy and I did reduce the amount down to 1/2 a cup suggested by Melissa in the book.

i am going to put chocolate chips in mine. i’m so excited. first scones i’ll have ever made 😀

For those of you that are adding chocolate chips, this is in addition to the orange zest?

Has anyone subbed milk or half&half for the heavy cream in the scones?

Margot- I have subbed buttermilk and whole milk for the scones before and they still turn out great.

Forgot to add you may want to reduce the baking powder slightly if using the buttermilk.

Yes. I did. The orange and chocolate chips gave it a nice twist.

In addition to reducing the baking powder, you might also want to add a little bit of baking soda to neutralize some of the buttermilk’s acidity.

I ended up using half&half, my dough was a bit sticky, but they baked up nicely. That’s good to know about the buttermilk; it’s so nice in baked goods that I use it instead of milk sometimes, I didn’t know you were supposed to change the leveners, though.

Bah, I’m going to be slightly late again! Was supposed to be baking these today but been shopping with my mum for 8 hours. Shattered!!

oh my gosh. I just realized it’s Saturday night, and I haven’t made my scones. Not only that, but I don’t have any oranges, and tomorrow is jam packed. It’ll probably end up being another double post next week, sorry! I have just been crazy busy and scatterbrained lately. I’ll definitely be checking everyone’s posts though, to get a few pointers on these!

Baked these this morning, they were wonderful! I forgot to brush the tops with cream and sprinkle sugar so I did an easy orange glaze, worked perfectly 🙂

Hi, I will post tomorrow (I hope)
I have a sick dog and did not have time to bake.. You can visit my post to see her sad, sad face!
Cheers to all,

I managed to bake the scones this morning: a little flat but very tender with great flavor. Everyone at work loved them!

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