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Washington Post Notoriety and New Members

Posted on: September 9, 2009

UPDATE:  OK, so I was wrong.  You do want to be exclusive.  I’m not going to be dictator, so I will close the group again and make that clear on the homepage.   On the flip side – to be fair – if you are no longer interested in participating – or just are too busy (I get that!) – let me know so I can give your spot to someone who wants it.  Thanks for being open and honest all of ya – and for loving our group. 



Hi all.  Soooo, things have been HECTIC – we are in escrow on our first home!  Anyhow, wanted to let you all know that our lovely group was mentioned in this Washtington Post Article.  And, our very own AMAZING Wendy from Pink Stripes got much deserving accolades. 

As can be imagined, we have some new interest in our group.  I am finding it hard to say no to people who go out and buy the book and want to participate.  I know I said I would keep the group small and manageable – but I feel bad about leaving people out of all the fun.  And I think that can still be achieved by updating the membership with people that appear to have dropped out.  So, I am going to lift the cap for now – let me know if you strongly disagree – and then I will send the email requests your way (wink wink) – sorry I am a softie.

And, finally, special thanks to Karen of Karen’s Cookies Cakes & More for helping me with the admin duties while my life has been CRAZY.  Sorry I missed out on last week, wedding in Portland, but will be back in full force this weekend.  Miss you all!



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Thanks for posting the article, and congrats to Wendy!

In regard to the membership ‘cap’, I will say that I really enjoy having the small intimate group. I really like to go to every single blog on Sunday to see what our creative members have posted! It takes me a while, but I enjoy giving feedback and support to everyone. My only concern with a larger group is that I will not have the time to visit every blog 😦

I definitely see your point but I kind of agree with Lauren. It is nice to be able to go through and comment on everyone’s posts (even if it takes me all week!). I’ll go with the majority, but I prefer leaving the numbers manageable.

I personally would love to keep it at just 50 because it’s still a bit managable to go to everyone’s blog or most people’s blogs and comment on them. Perhaps they can just bake along, they don’t necessarily need to be in the group right? I don’t know, I’m kind of up for anything, but keeping it at 50 would make commenting a LOT easier since school started.

I really like the smaller group; I have very limited time and it is so nice to visit every blog. It may take me a few days but sooner or later I get to them, LOL. I feel totally lost at TWD, it has become such a large group; I am actually thinking of dropping the TWD group. That said, I will go along with whatever the decision, I really enjoy SMS.

I like 50. How many people have dropped out? Maybe start by replacing those with new members?

I agree with Lauren. I was so excited to join this group especially because the number of members would be low. Like Robim said TWD is so big you feel lost. I try to look at everyones blog on TWD but what gets me is some folks will have 56 comments and others will have 0 or 1. To me it’s not fair when we all put forth the effort to bake, take pictures and post the recipe. With SMS it seems like we all try to visit everyones blog and leave a comment. It’s more cozy and evreyone is included. Thanks for letting me speak my mind!

I don’t like the idea of excluding interested bakers from such a fun group, but I do enjoy that with a smaller group it’s actually possible to visit all the blogs.

Oh forgot to thank you for posting the article..fun!

Cool article. Thanks for posting it. Wow, our small group of 50 makes our group kind of “exclusive” compared to all the other ones. I agree with the sentiment posted by the other SMS bloggers. Let’s start replacing those that dropped out and see what happens. I also agree that those who purchased the book can bake along w/o being officially part of the group. Either way, whatever you decide Lorelei, I support your decision. Thanks for setting up such a great baking club.

What an awesome article! Thanks for posting it, Lorelai, and congrats on the mention Wendy!

I feel badly for thinking this way, but I agree with the general consensus that the small group is really nice. I’ve never done TWD, but I did Daring Cooks and thought the whole thing was so overwhelming that I didn’t stick with it. I really like being able to check in on everyone without it taking so much time that I haven’t seen everyone’s work by the time we post the next recipe. I don’t know that there really is a good way to deal with this, though. Maybe let new people bake along, but don’t assign them a week to choose a recipe or something? But then you still have the issue of finding time to check more peoples’ posts… I definitely agree about replacing people who have dropped with new members, though. Hmm…

Also, I know I don’t have much room to talk about posting… But I’m making my return this week! Yay!

Oh, duh, and congratulations on the new house!!! How exciting! You are officially not able to be in trouble for being busy!

I am one of the new members and I am truly excited about being added to the group. Thank you!

When making the rounds to comment this week, I notice quite a few blogs that don’t seem to be active, so I am thinking the active membership is less than 50.

I’ve been out of town on business for practically the last two weeks, but I’m back on track – great news about the article and congrats on the house! Excited to be back in the kitchen! 🙂

On my last visit of all the members blogs I noticed that there’s quite a few that haven’t posted since the middle of August. I hate to be a snitch but I don’t think it’s fair to have non participating members while there’s so many people wanting to bake along with us 😦

I think I need to leave the group and give my space to someone with more time. I do hope to get the opportunity to return one day as it’s been so much fun and such great recipes!

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