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Fresh Peach Muffins P&Q

Posted on: August 24, 2009


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iii finally got my SMS book!!! yippee. i already have ripe peaches!!

I made these a while back, and they were yummy, even dairy free, the peach flavor was very mild and subtle though.

Read a while back that cinnamon overpowers the peach in baked goods. Suggestion made was: use freshly grated nutmeg. Thinking of giving that a try or maybe do half with cinnamon and half with nutmeg and compare.

Alright for peaches. I froze some peaches from my hometown back in July so I will be pulling those out.

Do you think adding more peaches would help with more of the peachiness of the muffins? I’m thinking about adding half a cup more peaches, but I’m worried about how moist it might be. Well better to be moist than dry!

Nina, if I recall correctly, Melissa Murphy suggests cutting back on the cream a little if you are using juicy fruit so maybe you could give that a try if you are increasing the amount of fruit in it. Or maybe mash the peaches?

I’ve tried a peach cupcake recipe before and roasted the peaches first to intensify the flavour… That could work here? I’ve been a super keen bean and made them already (although I didn’t roast the peaches – only just thought of that!) and one thing I would do differently next time is add less orange zest. I felt that it overpowered the peaches.

Do you peel the peaches or use them skin-on? I’ve always removed the skin using the hot-water method when baking with peaches. If the recipe works without doing that, I’d be happy with that too 🙂

Roasting… good idea. I was considering cooking/caramelizing them a bit with some sugar to bring out more flavor (similar to what we did with the apples for last week’s banana apple bread).

I think the recipe calls for peeling the peaches but I think I’m going to try leaving the skin on and see what happens. I never have much luck with blanching the peaches to remove the skin.

I’m excited for this recipe, perfect for the end of summer!

what can i substitute peaches with? can i used canned peaches instead?

Off topic: I just noticed that the TWD recipe for the 8th of September is a chocolate souffle – would those of you who are in both SMS and TWD prefer that I choose something other than the fallen chocolate souffle cake for the 6th?

I think canned or frozen would work.

I would like to have another recipe chosen if you don’t mind. I was just going to skip one of the Souffles but if we can change that would be sweet! Thanks Sarah!
The muffins are wonderful. I had no issues what so ever and they turned out sooo good. There not very sweet. If you like your muffins sweeter you may want to add more sugar. I thought they were perfect with butter on top!

I made these last night and had one this morning. I agree with Michelle that they’re not very sweet. Mine also turned out pretty dense and heavy. Not sure if that was because I subbed some white whole wheat flour for the AP. They were still good, just not quite the texture I would have hoped for.

I was going to make the fallen souffle this weekend and the TWD souffle next weekend. Either way is fine with me; I think bakers should choose whatever they like on their week, it’s very considerate of you to ask.

These muffins are (er, were..in my case..) scrummy! I made them the day before yesterday and there’s only 1 left, muwahaha… I have a superpowered sweet tooth so decided to throw in white chocolate chunks & pistachios + a pistachio crumb topping.. yes, a bit over the top, but as the basic recipe isn’t very sweet they turned out really well! Although if you want to really taste the peach, it’s probably not the way to go..

I’m actually making the TWD fallen chocolate souffle tomorrow morning for my mom’s bday cake 🙂 So i’ll already have it photographed and ready. Choosing this would be a godsend!! give me some freeeee tiiiime 🙂

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that turned out dense oddly textured muffins. Maybe I’m just used to packaged muffins *shrugs* but then again i did forget to add the milk and cream at the right time and ended up adding them at the last minute right before they had to go in the over. oops!

Made these last night, had a little ‘oops’ moment, but turned out dense barely sweet, barely BARELY peachy ‘muffins’ I’m a bit disappointed in the peach flavor but this is a lesson on what to do better next time. I’d definitely add some vanilla extract next time and more peaches/less milk. And I’d fill my muffin tin about 3/4 of the way instead of completely full.

what would you think about nectarines instead of peaches? Also I’m thinking of adding an herb…rosemary? Any thoughts?

I had to add …my muffins came out really heavy and dense like most of you desribed. I thought they were good, but I have limited eating sweets lately..so you know how that is when you eat something with sugar after no sugar..: ) Im wondering if you added more cream or milk if that would help make them light and soft?

My batter looked so dense that I did add a couple extra tablespoons of milk, they turned out nice and fluffy.

I just ate one fresh out the oven. I thought I was being a peach snob when I thought they weren’t peachy enough but Jeanette had the same experience. I did like the fact that they weren’t overly sweet. I was concerned about the texture when I saw how much flour was needed (and I doubled the recipe) and sure enough they were a little dense.

I thought these were great! Although more peach flavor next time, for sure. But texture and density-wise, I really liked them. I didn’t want cake in a muffin tin, and I didn’t want box-mix muffins; these were perfect in my opinion. I did make one substitution: I had zero oranges in my fridge, so I used a little less milk and added a little OJ. My whole family loved them!

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