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Banana Apple Bread P&Q

Posted on: August 18, 2009

Hey all, I am SWAMPED with work and personal issues, so will do my best to keep things updated & comment on your blogs. 

If you are hosting in September and haven’t already told me what you want to pick for your recipe please do so ASAP so I can let everyone know.

And, one of our faithful and fun original members Katie of Katiecakes is having a giveaway – so check out her site!


21 Responses to "Banana Apple Bread P&Q"

Thanks love 😀

I just finished making the bread. It is amazing! I’ve already eaten half of the loaf. Luckily, I tripled it (I DON’T recommend doing that!) and have lots more!!

I had made 12 muffins and a loaf with this recipe. It was really good. I had made it last Thursday and brought it back down to SoCal with me. It was really yummy! I added hazelnuts and chocolate chips to mine!

I will be sitting this one out and I’ll be back with the peach muffins. I just really don’t like bananas, and I just gave away a bunch of banana cake from TWD a few weeks ago.

i’m excited about this but i think i’ll just make half a recipe. everyone here at work is swimming in goodies lol.

has anyone halved this recipe? and when i halve it, what would be the best pan to use, so as not to lose the texture, etc?

Im really looking fwd to making this recipe. Im planing on making it when I get back from vacation on Sat. I have a frezer full of cinnamon chips, so I thought using some of them would be wonderful!

Totally random, but what kind of camera are you guys using? I’m really unhappy with mine at this point and am looking to buy a new one. Its so hard to tell in the store which are good cameras because of the lighting. If you get a chance pop on over to my blog and leave my a comment. THanks!

I’m desperate to make this cake but my bananas are still bright yellow! I’m willing them to go spotty with everything I have.

Ripen bananas, ripen!!!

Do you have any brown paper bags? They are supposed to make produce ripen faster. Also, and I know this is a completely random fact, but cruise ships keep certain produce in separate storage areas because they make everything else ripen faster (I know apples and onions do for sure). You could try putting them in a bowl with one of them.

Katie, I have read about “ripening” bananas in the oven from the folks of America’s Test Kitchen (I love those guys). Check out this article: http://www.ehow.com/how_4869956_quickly-ripen-bananas-banana-bread.html.

Hope that helps!

I’ll have to give this a go! I really want to be eating this cake today!

WHOA! For anyone who is on the fence…this is a good one! I made the recipe last night (it gave me 18 muffins). They are almost gone already!

I’m looking forward to making this Friday night or Saturday and taking it to the inlaws. You all are making it sound so good I may not want to share.

Better double the recipe, just in case 😉
(I haven’t made this recipe yet but everyone is so excited about it that I can’t wait to make it either).

My parents really enjoyed it. It’s not as sweet as the stuff that I usually make so they were happy about it. My friends on the other hand would think that it’s too bland and not sweet enough. haha.

Thanks for the ripening tips! I just bought my banannas and tried to find the ripest ones I could, but they still had a bit of green on them. I will try the oven trick.

I did a half batch- got 9 muffins. Subbed water for oj (didn’t have any). Cooking time was 13ish minutes. soooo good. everyone loved them this am.

Gaaahh! I’m desperate to make this and even bought bananas ahead to ripen, but we suddenly decided to run off sailing this weekend (due to random coincidence- sun in the UK & one-off access to a sailboat) !!! As I write this we’re speeding away from my oven & said bananas…booo… Hope you all have fun with this one & I’m looking forward drooling over your pics via iphone haha.. Big sorry to loveliest joy for missing out on this delicious pick!!! Xx

So sorry to Joy I haven’t posted this yet. I was gonna make it this weekend but I suddenly got very busy. I’ll have it up by tonight, I promise.

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