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Truffles P&Q

Posted on: August 11, 2009


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I have always wanted to make homemade truffles!!! I’m excited for this post. And I have the perfect recipient of these!! 🙂

I dont know if its where I shop or what — but did anyone have trouble finding hazelnuts? I went to 3 places and one was WHOLE FOODS!!! Im going to give it one more shot, if not, im going to see what other nut i have.

I don’t think I’m gonna use any hazelnut liqueur, I can’t find any at all so it’s plain for me :p

Hm, until today, I never knew it would be a problem trying to purchase hazelnuts. I’m having the same problem, Karen!! I just assumed they were at the regular ol’ grocery store! After all, hazelnuts are included in the big container of mixed nuts. Why wouldn’t I be able to find them on their own?
I was WRONG! I’ll have to keep looking I suppose! Any suggestions, anyone?

Stephanie — i tried another store —- NOTHING!!! Arghhhhhhhhh…. almonds CANT be that bad, right? LOL!

I’m curious about subbing another nut too. I have lots of almonds and pecans so I’d really like to try one of those instead of buying more nuts. I’d love to hear if others try these with something other than hazelnuts 🙂

Although I won’t be making these truffles this week, I have made truffles before and I used almonds (cuz I’m allergic to most other nuts) and they are fabulous. Especially when you toast the almonds first.

I found mine at Berkeley Bowl =] but I would think that Whole Foods or Trader Joes should have them.

you could sub the two tablespoons with almond extract. That’s what I did =]

Hazelnuts were expensive, but I had gotten enough, but then when I tried crushing them, they didn’t want to crush for me in small enough pieces, so I’m using rice krispies on the outside instead =]

I won’t be able to participate this week but I found hazelnuts at my local farmer’s market.

Not an SMS member, but I have made truffles before. They’re amazing!
Hazelnuts are also called filberts, you may be able to find them under that name instead. And truffles are great with pecans, walnuts, almonds…probably even peanuts.

wow, one of the first times I’ve been able to find something over my fellow American bloggers. It’s usually me going ‘I CAN”T FIND CORN SYRUP, ARRRRGH’

I found ready toasted and chopped hazelnuts in my local Supermarket for about a pound. I lucked out on that one!

only a pound? mine were untoasted filberts for like 8 bucks. too expensive for a college student like me, but I decided to splurge for a little bit of extravagance in my life.

I found hazelnuts at Trader Joe’s, they were $5.49 for a one pound bag. I don’t think I’ll get around to making the truffles until the weekend, but it sounds like a fun recipe!

I wonder why they’re so super expensive.

I was going to make these today but I have to take my mums cat to get spayed. Poor soul!

Woah Nina, you’re a genius. I had a list of other items to roll my truffles in, but now I am SOO adding Rice Krispies to that list. I hope it’s ok I steal it! What a great idea!!!

I bought almonds because I couldn’t find hazelnuts and I wasn’t about to travel the world looking for them. I’ll also be subbing the liquor and making a few variations. But you’ll just have to check out the blog on Sunday to see what I did 🙂

When using, I would suggest using some almond extract instead of the liquor. Tastes great. I also leave my almonds unblanched (meaning with skin) as I like the color contrasts better that way. It’s also less work 🙂

Oops… when using “almonds”, that is.

I have hazelnuts from Surfas (I bought them for another recipe, I don’t remember what) and Frangelico at BevMo (you could get it in the small tasting/airplane bottle for $3 something).

Reading the recipe it doesn’t state what size to make the truffles, but I think I’m going to make them using my smallest ice cream scoop.

Great advice from all….Im thinking almonds and almond extract. I don’t even want to start looking for hazelnuts. Oh these sound so good,don’t they?!!

I can be so anal sometimes but I actually weigh my truffles to ensure they’re all the same size and I make them about 1/2 ounce each (= 14 grams) prior to rolling them in chopped almonds.

I love the idea of using almonds and almond extract! Thanks for the suggestions everyone 🙂

I found some hazelnuts and was not even looking for them . I was going to make them with almonds. I did both and they turned out great!

I also used some graham cracker crumbs too! =]

I can’t find hazelnuts anywhere either, I checked 2 different Whole Foods and none!! 😦 I may try these with almonds then, great idea! Thanks ladies 😀

I couldn’t find hazelnuts either! I used almonds and almond extract.

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