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Snickerdoodle P&Q

Posted on: August 4, 2009

Congrats Spike the Baker – you are our host this Sunday for Snickerdoodles!


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Thanks, I’m super excited. Hope everyone doesn’t mind a cookie recipe two weeks in a row!

haha, I saw the contest and almost dove in head first but remembered I’ve already hosted!

Snickerdoodles are awesome, I’ve been eying up this recipe for a while!!

I could never get sick of making cookies. My son will be thrilled as these are his favorite cookies! Great pick!

Cool pick, Spike — i’ve been waiting for this one!

Cookies always go over well in my house! I haven’t had snickerdoodles in ages!

We like cookies in my house. Great pick!

oh gosh. my last experiment with snickerdoodles didn’t fare so well. i threw out the ENTIRE batch. and i hate wasting, but they were inedible. i will pray to the baking gods on this one 🙂



oh yay! snickerdoodles! They were one of my roommate’s favorite things to make. Perfect thing for a 24-hour serviceathon!

My book is scheduled to get her on the 10th, so I won’t have it by Sunday, either. 😦 Would someone pretty please email me the recipe, also?


You won’t hear any complaints from me Spike – I love your choice 🙂

I’ll send the recipe out to those who need it tomorrow am

Thanks Spike! My kids love snickerdoodles.

No complaints from me either, the peanut butter cookies are almost gone, so it’s time for a new batch.

there are never enough cookies!

I’ve never made snickerdoodles, but they’ve been on my list to make forever. This is a great pick!

Just a warning, my cookies were done at 11 minutes. I kept one sheet in for 12 minutes and they were too crunchy. 11 minutes and they were perfect!

I have to apologize to both Spike and Annie as I will not be doing any SMS baking for the next 2 weeks. It’s State Fair time and I will be doing a lot of baking for the associated baking competition, so I need to focus on that. Really sorry!

Thanks for the tip!!

Good luck with the competition!

I’d like to get everyone’s input on this. I’ve baked cookies on foil, parchment, wax paper and a silicone mat. they all yielded almost the same results.

which base gives you a cookie that won’t flatten like crazy? I seem to always have this problem. 😦

I dont’ think it’s so much the surface your baking your cookies on. Maybe adding a little extra flour or baking soda would help. I hope you find out what works for you..nothing worse then flat cookies;)

hmm i have no idea. I put mine on aluminum foil and they dont flatten out on me. I also put the cookie sheets in the freezer for a little bit before baking them. I have no idea if that helps or not…

oh maybe refridgerate it too? I think that my cookies turn out better when I put them in the fridge/freezer to harder up a bit. I have no idea though =[

I find refrigeration helps a lot to prevent a flat cookie- my dough is going to sit in the fridge a longer than an hour because I like to work with cold dough.

Maybe you need to replace baking soda or baking powder as well?

My cookies rarely spread at all and sometimes I wish they would a bit. I (almost) always chill my dough for at least several hours and I use silicone mats for baking.

Is baking soda just bicarb of soda?

thank you all for your feedback!! i have taken it all into consideration. i think i’ll make the recipe as written this time and if they fall flat i’ll add more flour next time.

bought new baking soda
will refrigerate dough overnight
pop cookie sheet in freezer for a few pre-baking
will pray to the baking gods that they don’t flatten too much!

wish me luuuuck!

Thank you. Will let everybody know how it went.

i actually have no idea what that means, but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_bicarbonate describes it all

I haven’t posted in a while but I’m baking these right now, snickerdoodles are my husbands favorite, so I couldn’t skip these!

As for cookies not spreading a lot, I find using insulated baking sheets helps a ton!

Hope everything worked out and your cookies are standing tall! I just wanted to throw in an extra 2 cents just for future ref – I usually refrigerate the dough and pop the cookie sheet in the freezer as others have suggested, but if a test batch has come out at all flat, I also find it helps to pop the entire thing (dough balls + cookie sheet) in the fridge just before baking too (or the freezer for a short time, if you’ve got space!)

I’m sure your tweaks made for perfect cookies already though – looking forward to seeing them sunday!

Insulated baking sheets rock!

For those of you who use blogger, are you having any issues? The bar posting bar that allows you to post pics isn’t showing up.

My post is up!! It’s my first SMS!

I was going to make this SMS my comeback post (my blog has been down for almost a month since we’ve had nonstop company and did a big road trip…so good to finally be home!) but yesterday my computer crashed! So, my husband is working on restoring all of my stuff, hopefully I’ll be back to posting for next Sunday.

The snickerdoodles were wonderful, my whole family loved them and it’s a recipe I’d use again for sure. I’ll have to add them in on next Sunday’s post 🙂

Thanks for a great pick, Spike!

These are soooo delightful!!!!!!!!! I made mine this morning and can’t get enough!! YUM!! Thanks Spike for chosing these to bake this week 🙂

I really want to construct a post about these cookies, but am not sure I have the inspiration I need to do so. So, I thought I would just leave a comment here and reply to some of your posts. I loved these cookies (as did my family). My friend thought that this recipe brought snickerdoodles to “new heights.” They were just the right amount of chewy. I added vanilla (1t.) and some nutmeg to the dough before rolling them in the cinnamon sugar. Thanks, Melissa for this great recipe.

i apologize for the delay, its late… but the post is posted!! i wasn’t feeling well so i posted today. i hope no one minds 🙂

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