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Whole Orange Poppy Seed Cake P&Q

Posted on: July 14, 2009

Hi its Karen from karenscookiescakes&more — filling in for Lorelei while she’s travelling.

Sorry this is late.


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Hello ladies! I will not be participating for the next 2 weeks because I will be on vacation! Happy baking 🙂

Really excited to bake this one, think I’m gonna make it in a loaf pan!

Ha, I just read the recipe and it calls for a loaf pan, I’ll stick with that 😉

I’m looking forward to this one! I’m visiting my grandmother and aunt this weekend, so we’re making it together. 🙂

i just made these — i like em!!! they’re YUMMY!

DId anyone make it with a lemon instead of the orange? The thought of grinding an entire orange makes me gag.;)

I was thinking of using a lemon, simply because I don’t have an orange and it’s clearly about to rain, thwarting my walk to the fruit shop.

There’s a little podcast thingy for this recipe on the Sweet Melissa site. I think it’s eight minutes or something; probably very informative. For those of you wanting to use a lemon, there are directions for a lemon variation at the end of the recipe. Just in case anyone hadn’t noticed that yet! 🙂

Thanks! That is so cool. I’m interested in making this as one of my favorite TWD recipes was the lemon tart that used the whole lemon. I really liked that tart, and had never before made anything using all of a fruit that has peel.

Totally off-topic: would someone involved in BBA mind emailing me the recipe for casatiello? I have my first dinner club coming up, and the theme is Italian and I was assigned bread. I knew when I saw those posts popping up on people’s blogs that it was only a matter of time before casatiello and I had a date with destiny!

My email is mohoha at hotmail dot com


PS–I will love you forever, if that sweetens the deal! 🙂

I’m totally making these right now and into cupcake form. I think I’m going to leave off the glaze since I’m bringing them from Berkeley to the Fresno area on Friday. I’ll probably be posting late so I can give all the reactions of the people I’m feeding. I think I’m making two batches. One with orange and one with lemon.We’ll see how it goes!

I found the lemon version a little too tart, and that’s saying something, I love lemony things. I would like to try it with the orange to.

Katie xox

Katie how many lemons did you use and did you grind the entire lemon?

I used 1 and a half and ground up the whole thing. I’d probably only use 1 next time.

I went ahead and made these since I’m not sure about the appliance situation at my aunt’s… I did the lemon variation in muffin form and they were yummy!

p.s. I used 2 small lemons in the batter… the muffins weren’t tart but the glaze sure was!

I went ahead and this recipe just as it reads with the orange and all! It turned out fantastic. My bread looks so pretty and the glaze was wonderful. I used fresh squeezed lemon and let me tell you that adds some sunshine to the taste buds!


Someone may have already emailed you, so disregard this if that is the case, butI did a quick search for the casatiello recipe, and found a couple versions online. I’m not at home with my book to compare, but this is the only one I saw that wasn’t cited as being adapted.


I just made this a few days ago – though I haven’t posted about it yet – and it is delicious!


Does the glaze add a lot more? I’m still debating whether or not to add it. I dont really want my cupcakes to overturn during the mini road trip…I’m still debating…

Hi everyone! I’m new here and this will be my first foray into the Sweet Melissa world of baking. I’m really looking forward to it and the whole orange concept is SO interesting!!!

This was so delicious! Anyone thinking of sitting this one out, don’t! It’s so easy; there’s still time!

Ooh I just made this! Did the lemon version, too. I did one whole lemon, and one half lemon (minus the juice part… so the peel of half of a lemon). The cake was delicious! I made the glaze recipe exactly as the book said and it’s Sooooo Tart! My boyfriend LOVED LOVED IT, he just kept licking the glaze of his tester piece, ha ha. We tried it about 20 min after we put the glaze on, I’m curious to try it later on when the glaze has had some time to set. Can’t wait to see everyone’s posts!

Our trans-atlantic move is almost over! I’m planning on making this cake, but I haven’t looked at the full recipe yet, and I’m wondering if a cuisinart or something to grind the oranges/lemons is required. We dont have one, argh. If I can figure out how to make it without a cuisinart (or one isn’t required), my post should be up this week! Otherwise, probably next week. Thanks for the lemon suggestion.

I just threw mine in the blender and hoped for the best :p

I made the lemon in muffin form yesterday. We had a houseful of people and they disappeared before I even got the glaze on them! So I grabbed an orange and made another batch. My only issue is that it didn’t really rise very well.

(I won’t be able to post about it until later this afternoon though)

HI Susan, no it’s not a big riser, that’s why its a cake instead of a muffin, as there will be no pretty little dome… But make the cake, its one of my most favorites!

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