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Update: June 14, 2009 Recipe

Posted on: June 10, 2009


I just heard back from Melissa Murphy – she’s going to host the chocolate chip cookies with toasted almonds (hercules, hercules).  She doesn’t have a blog yet, so she’s going to send me her pictures and text and I will put up the post here on the group site.  So please link back to the post that will be put up on the group site Sunday Morning. 

Thanks Melissa – and thank you all.


Hi all, as you can see by the results of the poll below, the chocolate chip cookies narrowly won over the take a week off.  Although if you count the votes for baking something, it seems the majority was for baking rather than breaking.  That said, I know some of you posted that a week off is needed, and by all means, take it.  I really don’t want people to feel stressed out by this group it is for FUN.   If you are skipping this week, you could always do a “rewind” some week if you can’t or don’t want to make the recipe of the week and make these cookies, they are bestsellers at the bakery.

No word back yet from Melissa, so I will host the recipe (and make them and post early Sunday) unless I hear from her.   Either way, I’ll let you know who to link to for the recipe by Friday.

Thanks everyone.  As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



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Thanks for the leeway – like everyone, I have been extremely pushed to the limit this week. Not by baking mind you, just life. So it’s nice to know there isn’t a deadline looming.

I’ve been craving chocolate something or another all week long and this recipe gives me the perfect excuse to try out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. Thanks, Lorelei, for all of your wonderful organization!

Thanks for taking of care of this, Lorelei. Didn’t realize these cookies were bestsellers at the bakery. Now I’m intrigued. I’ll try to make these during the week (the weekend is already booked).

Thanks for everything you do for the group Lorelei! I’m excited to try the chocolate chip cookies this week 🙂

I’m so excited about these cookies – they sound delicious! 🙂

OMG… i doubled the recipe and made 2 batches tonite… one w/o nuts for the hubs and one with the nuts. i didnt even bother rolling them… i just refrigerated for an hour and then scooped them onto the baking sheet. I dont know if i can take a photo….. we’re eating them toooo fast!!!

Bummer that I missed the vote, but to be honest, I probably would’ve picked these! Looking forward to making them today!

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to make them. I’m leaving for a work trip early Sunday morning. I’m babysitting my four year old niece the rest of the weekend and my kids have a camp performance.
Why does everything happen all at once? LOL.

I just made these this afternoon and like Karen I made some without nuts and some with. I have to say that I think these are my favorite chocolate chip cookies ever! They’re so chewy and delicious!!

I haven’t baked mine yet, but I’ve eaten quite a bit of dough and it is so good! One piece of advice: if you are going to follow the recipe and roll the dough into logs after the first chill, scoop the dough out of the bowl before you put it in the fridge. Maybe wrap the dough blob in plastic like you would do for pastry dough or something. I didn’t do that (the recipe doesn’t say to), and I had to chisel the dough out of the bowl with a large metal spoon! No complaints though, because I ate a lot of it as I was working!

I made these tonight and yum-o. I did find that they were done right at 13 min. The first batch I wasn’t sure so I let them go two extra minutes and they were a little over done but still delicious. I used whole salted almonds because that was all we had and they worked out great. Don’t forget the dough has to sit in the fridge for an hour and a half before you slice them. I was hoping to pop them into the oven. They are worth the wait though.

Yikes! I better hurry up and take a picture before they are gone! Melissa sure has some great cookies. I would love to go there sometime. I loved her snickerdoodles too!

I made mine last night. I used lactose free margarine and used the freezer a bit to help with the chilling time, and mine turned out flat as pancakes and really chewy – almost like cookie dough. The margarine was at room temperature, so not sure what happened, maybe it was the substitution of margarine for butter? Anyhow, my hubby said they were perfect because he LOVES cookie dough, and they do taste great IMHO. Just don’t think they were supposed to turn out this way.

I ended up “chiseling” the dough out as well. Great suggestion to scoop it out ahead of time! Love these cookies!

So I had to eat a whole dozen before I made up my mind, but I’ve decided they are delicious! 😉

Im making these tonight. I just got back from the store with the chocolate chips and almonds. They sound sooo good. I hope to have them baked, pictures taken and posting in the morning. Thanks for choosing cookies Melissa!

Oh man, I’m really excited about these! I just got back in town at 3:30 this morning and haven’t baked them yet, though, so with the chilling and the “my camera is at school, where I won’t be for about 8 hours”, I think I’m going to post tomorrow. You rock, Lorelai!

I made these cookies and they are delicious!!!!! Thx for making me a slave to the kitchen cos my kids want them everyday lol 🙂

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