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Bear’s Peach Cobbler P&Q

Posted on: June 3, 2009

Just a few days late this time – back from Hawaii.  Will be making the google reader rounds soon.  And hope to be able to report Melissa Murphy’s pick for the following week soon.  Stay tuned.


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I made the peach cobbler this evening. I baked it for 1 hour and it was perfectly cooked. Be sure to check on your cobbler after 1 hour..you may not need the extra 15 min. of cooking.
I thought the 3/4 cup of sugar was to much. I would only use 1/4 of a cup next time I make this. Other then it being super sweet it was wonderful!

Thanks for the advice. I bought peaches last night (Thursday) and am hoping they will be ripe enough to make the cobbler for Sunday dessert. I’ll lower the amount of sugar, by a couple of tablespoons, and see how that works. I always serve ice cream with cobblers, crisps and pie, anyway, so that’ll be some added sweetness.

Being that it’s not peach season yet, I’m thinking of using frozen peaches. Anyone tried that yet?

I used fresh peaches, but I think you could easily use frozen peaches. The cobbler cooks for so long that you might not even have to thaw them first!

So since I haven’t made this, and I’m not really going to be in town this weekend, and I’m in the final stages of prepping for the LSAT, after which I’ll be leaving town for a week… I think I’m going to skip this week’s bake. Sorry guys, have fun though!

I have four or five peaches but they’re pretty small. I think I might halve the recipe. But since I’m not making it til tomorrow afternoon, I likely won’t post til Sunday evening.

I’m not going to have a chance to go to the store to buy peaches (I went today and the store I went to didn’t have frozen peaches and I refuse to use canned peaches for this, fearing the cobbler would get too mushy). So it’s either skip this week, or use strawberries + rhubarb (abundant in my garden) and make a S/R cobbler. Will decide on Sunday morning 🙂

Hi all! I just squeaked as one of the bakers and I’m so excited to create my first recipe from the book! Up until this time, I’ve just been drooling over the recipes and not actually creating them.

I’ve just placed my cobbler in the oven and can’t wait to present it to my family. (they will be quite happy) I did make a few substitutions as one of my daughters is vegan. I replaced the heavy cream with coconut milk and used vegan butter. I also ended up using frozen peaches as all the fresh ones around here seem to be little rocks.

I’ll post the finished product later this afternoon. (it will be my first post in a month! This seems to be a productive day so far!)

I loved this dessert. I posted late and took Michelle’s advice. I did decrease the sugar in the peaches but only to 1/2 cup and it was perfect. Everything about this recipe was good, it was easy, didn’t take two days to make and i had most of the ingredients already. Great choice Andrea.

Hello bakers. I just joined the group and my book should be delivered today, yay!

I will be making this dish, but had to wait for the recipe, so expect the post in a day or two. We’re also in the middle of a trans-atlantic move (with a 5 month old!), so everything I do these days is a bit late.

Looking forward to baking with you all. And thanks for the sugar advice in this cobbler, will cut back on it.


hi everyone. i’ll be posting my take on the peach cobbler (yummy! even with canned peaches) in a little while. i can’t seem to upload anything on blogger. 😦

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