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Sour Cherry Pie P&Q

Posted on: May 19, 2009


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The only time I’ve ever been able to buy fresh sour cherries was when i picked them myself in upstate New York. Since I really don’t have the funds to fly across the country for cherries and frozen sour cherries are non-existent in the stores, I’m going to use fresh sweet cherries.

I could only find frozen sweet cherries – but this pie was AMAZING! Of course, it was the first cherry pie I’ve ever made, so I’ve nothing to compare it too. But it was S-I-M-P-L-E and great.

Wendy – just FYI, Smart and Final carries canned sour cherries, but in large industrial sized cans. But if you want to take a trip to NY to pick them, I’ll join you!

That’s good to know about Smart & Final. I’m actually thinking I’m going to buy the 10# bags of KA Flour from there now that Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry KA Flour anymore. I

The stores around here normally carry canned pie cherries but they are definitely better fresh. Luckily, I still have two freezer bags of pie cherries I picked last summer. Its a little late now, but if you want to find a PYO farm near you this summer, check out http://www.pickyourown.org- they list farms across the country. You have to stay on top of the schedule for them though because the birds clear out the trees pretty fast.

With apologies to Michelle, I think I’ll be missing this week’s pie, but it sounds amazing!

Unfortunately, i wont be baking this one either.

I’m going to hunt for sour cherries and hopefully I’ll be able to find some at Central Market — they hardly ever let me down. Wendy, TJ’s no longer sells KA flour?! I don’t know what I’m going to do. They’re the only store with a halfway decent price.

I feel really bad but I have to pass on this week’s event as well (sorry Michelle). Need to get ready for my trip to Boston (yay!).

Megan, did you use less sugar in the filling with the sweet cherries? I may attempt to find sour cherries, but I do have a bag of frozen sweet cherries.

This recipe sounds great: I love making pies and crumbly toppings!

Sorry I will be missing this one!

I have the same question as Margot. I’ll look in stores for the sour cherries but if I don’t find them, I’ll make it with sweet, but wonder about the amount of sugar to add…

I have to tell you girls I made this pie a few days ago and it is excellent!! The pistachio topping is great. I used salted pistachios(unable to find salt free) and they worked well. I liked the sweet/salty combo. AS well any cherry pie I make ,I use Oregon Canned cherries( I used 2 cans for this recipe) They were perfect and I would advise anyone who can get this brand to do so!!

So, if I can’t find fresh or frozen sour cherries, should I use fresh sweet cherries or “Red Tart Cherries packed in water” in a can? I’m sure it’ll taste amazing regardless, but I have no experience with cherry pies other than that nasty canned cherry pie filling, so any advice would help.

I would use fresh or frozen sweet cherries instead of canned, but that’s just my opinion.

Sorry guys, I’m gonna have to miss this one also. My boy hates cherries and I can’t justify making a whole pie for myself. If I hunt around and find someone I can share it with I’ll have a go ๐Ÿ™‚

If not I think I’ll do a rewind of the Strawberry Shortcakes I missed when I was writing my dissertation.

Katie xox

โ€œRed Tart Cherries packed in waterโ€ in a can work well. If you can find the Oregon Cherry brand, I highly recommend it.

Most Middle Eastern markets carry canned (in glass jars) sour cherries. Smart & Final carry KA flour and it is a good price.

I haven’t made my pie yet, but I did finally find real cookbook info about cherry substitutions that was helpful for me and all the others having no luck finding fresh or frozen sour cherries. The Betty Crocker cookbook says, “There are two types of cherries–sweet and sour. Sour cherries, also called pie cherries, tart cherries, and tart red cherries, make wonderful pies. Sweet cherries are great for eating , but not for pies…Substitute [an equal amount of] frozen unsweetend pitted tart cherries, thawed and drained, or canned pitted red tart cherries, drained, for the fresh cherries [1 14.5-oz can for every 2 cups fresh].” It put my mind at ease, so hopefully it’ll be helpful to someone else! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Melissa! I was a little bit confused about the cherries, too. I’m going to be making this over the weekend while I’m at my grandparents’ farm, because my grandpa loves cherry pie, and my immediate family aren’t enough of pie people for it to be worth making a whole one. I’ll probably have to post a day late, though, since there’s almost no internet connection out at the farm- don’t worry, I’m doing it though!

I read through the recipe and notices is specifies a 10″ pie pan. I only have a 9″ one so I think I’ll use it and maybe just leave a little of the filling out if it seems necessary. Of course, I’ve never made a pie before, so not sure how good I’ll be at “eye-balling it.” Has anyone made this in a slightly smaller pan?

I make pies quite a bit and always use a 9 in pie plate. Just leave a little room at the top because the juices have a tendency to bubble over.

Thanks. I mainly make cookies and the occasional tart, this is my first real actual pie, so the advice is really welcome. I’d hate the first one to come out bad!

I found frozen tart cherries today. At GFS, it’s a chain mainly geared towards restaurants, but open to the public and no fees for membership. Everything comes in really BIG sizes, though. I go once a month and buy 5 lb bags of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Today they were only $8.99 per bag.
Sorry, I got sidetracked there! The tart cherries (which I believe are the same as “sour cherries” are sold in five pound bags for around $11.00. I went ahead and bought a bag. I’ll either be making several pies or scouring the internet for other tart cherry recipes, lol.

Anyone skipping the pistachios in the crumble? If so, are you substituting anything?

I made the pie last night – with two cans of sour cherries in water and a bag of frozen raspberries – we’ll see how it turns out, brought it to work with me. I found that the two cans didn’t weigh close to 2lbs, so added the raspberries. I also thought the canned cherries were not that good by themselves, hopefully they turn out ok in the pie. I did the pistachio crumble.

I went to my grocery store yesterday and I saw pistachios, but they were in the shell? Does anyone know where to find shelled pistachios? Maybe I’m looking on the wrong isle. I was looking by the nuts though. Hmmmm. Did you all just shell the pistachios?

I buy my pistachios shelled, they are in a yellow ‘sunkist’ bag — they are usually by the raisins and dried fruit or by the bulk nuts in the produce section at stores around here. I love to have a big bag of pistachios on hand at all times, yum!

My pies are in the oven right now, I made a last minute decision to do mini pies, can’t wait to see how they turn out!! Hopefully I can get my post up tonight to post for tomorrow — I also have the guiness gingerbread to share that I never got to post last week ๐Ÿ™‚

Michele, I found shelled pistachios at Trader Joe’s.

I ended up with lots of cherries so I’m doing two pies. I don’t have enough pistachios for two, though, so I’m thinking of doing the second with almonds. It seems like almonds would go well with cherry.

I’m shelling mine and they are also roasted and salted, but I think they’ll be fine.

I found shelled unsalted pistachios at Whole Foods near the bulk stuff. And I used 3 cans of tart cherries packed in water and the end result was AMAZING! I’d love to try it later in the summer with fresh cherries, but the canned ones worked out great. And my 3-year-old who loves cherries wouldn’t touch them straight out of the can! She said they were too sour, which is what I was looking for, so mission accomplished! AND Jennifer’s comment reminded me that I meant to look at Cash-n-Carry or Smart and Final for the frozen cherries. Did anyone happen to look there with success?

I found them in the produce isle near the organic nuts.

I loved this pie! I did find that it came out runny and didn’t set up until I moved it up on my oven. I did use fresh sweet cherries, no sour cherries here either. And no unsalted pistachios. Anyway, I will make again.

all these comments. no recipe or link to recipe. what a total waste of a page.

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