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Guinness Gingerbread P&Q

Posted on: May 12, 2009


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I made this and LOVED IT!!!! (My opinion: if u like the taste of ginger, i would increase the ginger by 1/4 tsp more…. BUT that’s just me, especially after tasting the original recipe.)

As much as I love gingerbread, I’m skipping this one. It’s TOO hot here to think about it.

Once winter hits, I’ll do a rewind!

I have a completely unrelated question for Lorelei. I noticed that someone got taken off the blogroll. Are we going to have a break on June 14th, or is a newbie getting plugged in for that day?

haha, I didn’t even think about the weather when I chose this recipe. I’m just a sucker for ginger!

But, here in England it’s never REALLY Summer anyway, rather a perpetual autumn so I guess this is perfect πŸ˜‰

Katie xox

I’m excited to give this one a try, I have a pan I’ve been wanting to make gingerbread in — the fairytale cottage bundt — which is 10 cup capacity, and the 9 by 9 by 2 pan (called for) also has a 10 cup capacity according to an online pan chart — so this should work out perfectly!

I’d love to find that ‘perfect’ gingerbread recipe, and be all ready for the holidays πŸ™‚

I love my usual ‘perfect’ gingerbread recipe, but I’m excited to try this one also. Gingerbread knows no season in my book — love the stuff. That being said, I will leave off the cocoa b/c I’ve tried choc gingerbread and it’s a disappointment for me. Trying to decide if I’m going to add anything to replace the cocoa, but thinking “no.”

I just tried to purchase a single bottle of Guinness at the grocery store and they said it had to be sold by the six-pack. I think I’m just going to sub in whatever kind of beer we have in our refrigerator, since I know there’s some that’s been sitting around since the Super Bowl. I love gingerbread, so I’m happy to have an excuse to make it!

I found with guinness based recipes any stout or ale will do, I often sub it for locally produced ale from a near by monk community.

I’m thinking of adding some candied ginger to the recipe, I really like the taste. We have Guinness at home and I know who will finish the bottle, ME!!!

Well, I couldn’t find a tall boy of Guiness like I was hoping, but I did get my hands on a bottle of Double Chocolate Stout. Pretty excited to see how it works in this recipe. I have high hopes!

[off topic] Does anyone know of any must-visit bakeries or eateries in Boston? We’re heading over there in a couple of weeks. Thanks!!

At Trader Joe’s you can mix and match beers if you don’t want a six-pack of Guiness.

I made mine last night. I really like ginger, so I added some fresh ginger to the batter, and I’m glad I did since I don’t think it would have been strong enough for me without it. And I didn’t use cocoa.

I made mine last night too. I liked it more than I expected to. I’m not a huge fan of molasses but thought the molasses flavor was pretty mellow.

I made these early – OMG, a baking group first for me. I made them into cupcakes with ganache filling and bailey’s buttercream frosting and people at work went nuts. I didn’t have all the molases called for, so I subbed in some maple syrup, worked great.

So, for the missing week I am trying to set something up with THE Melissa Murphy, so stay tuned.

Oh wow, that sounds so exciting Lorelei!

My gingerbread is in the oven right now, it smells amazing πŸ™‚

I just ordered the book. Can someone send me the next this recipe and the next til I get the book? Thanks

Im gonna make mine today, I was thinking about cupcakes too. Baileys butter cream sounds awesome, I was thinking a maple version for mine. Hmmmm.

Katie xox

I think I’d love the cupcake version! Bailey’s = yum! I’ve not taken a proper taste yet, but the spice might be a tad mild for my preferences.

My gingerbread just came out of the oven and it smells so good. I put some crystalized ginger in mine and used heaping teaspoons of the powdered ginger.

OK, needs MORE ginger if you really like a spicy gingerbread. Not disappointing, just not enough flavor.

Eeek! Sorry I missed this one guys. I’ll be back in the swing of things for next week’s cherry pie. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see all of this gingerbread goodness.

We loved the flavor of this but it didn’t come out that great with the shaped pan. I will have to post a couple photos of my gingerbread with the cherry pie next Sunday!

I tried to buy a single bottle too and wound up with a case of it… Luckily, my dad drinks it!


I have wanted to go to this bakery for a long, long time now. Everything I hear about it says it is fantastic! Bobby Flay’s sticky bun throwdown (which I think he lost) was against the gal who owns Flour.

I too will try to rewind this one when we have some cold weather (92 degrees here yesterday). I just didn’t have all the ingredients to try to make it this time either.

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