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Posted on: May 4, 2009

Hi all.  So after some deliberation and discussion with other group members, I have decided to cap the group membership at 50 members.  This is for several reasons.  While I really do like the idea of openness and inclusion, I think it is great to be able to go around and read and comment on the fellow member posts.  That is really not possible with super large groups like TWD.  I also think that it is really fun to be the host – and limiting the group to 50 would allow us all to pick 2 times during this book adventure.  If there is some interest after we reach 50 members and close the group, we could always invite people along to guest blog with us for that week or something.  Or reconsider the cap.  But, I think there is something to be said about a “tight knit” group of serious bakers that can help us get the full experience out of this project. 

I hope this is OK with everyone.  I’d be happy to hear your feedback on the issue.  If you know of people that are interested, let them know we’ll be shutting our doors soon. 

P.s. I have been in contact with THE Melissa Murphy, and I hope to have some exciting news to share soon.


21 Responses to "Membership Cap"

I think 50 is the perfect number!

What a great idea for a close knit group, I love it! It is so much easier to get to know each other and visit all the blogs 🙂

Thank you ,Thank you! I love the idea of only 50. Having a close knit group and being able to comment and look at everyones recipe is what it’s all about. TWD is great but It’s so hard to see everyones recipe. One of my dislikes is some people will have about 50 comments and others 2..I just think it’s nice to spread those comments around!

50 sounds good to me…. i can hardly keep up with all the new members as it is…. this way… i’ll be able to comment on everyone’s.

I love the idea Lorelei! Like you said, it’s really hard to visit and comment on other blogs when the group is huge. Oh, and getting to host more than 1 time is also really cool 🙂

I have no problem with the cap. How cool that you are in contact with Melissa.

50 sounds great. I like seeing everyone’s post and leaving comments which would be hard with a lot of members. Of course, picking 2 recipes sounds great too :o) Looking forward to your Melissa Murphy news (she seems really nice from watching her podcasts).

Sounds like a good idea! This way I’ll be able to visit every blog each week! 🙂

Sounds like a great idea! I like it as a smallish, intimate group!!

I was excited with getting to pick the recipe once, so I’m over the moon at the thought of picking twice!! I’m always jealous of the people who get to host the Daring Bakers for the month. I think there are thousands of members, so the odds of hosting are slim. A small group is much better!

Sounds perfect to me. I joined TWD when there were about 130 and it was hard even then. It was awesome, but I always feel bad that I can’t get around as much as I’d like.

I think this is a good idea. I think to make it easier to keep track of everyone’s blogs I’m gonna follow all the SMS bakers in Google Reader, that way I can see everyone’s creations every Sunday without clicking around 😀

Katie xox

Wonderful idea!!! I always feel bad when I can’t get to everyone’s blog and leave a comment; I just might be able to do 50. AND, we get to pick more often.

If you have room still; I would like to join.

Hey, I would love to join this group, let me know if there is still room 🙂

Oh I hope I am not too late to join! It looks so fun to be a part of the SMS! Will you let me know if there is still a spot or put me on a waiting list if someone drops out! Thank you so much!

i hope i can still join the group 🙂

Do you happen to have any more room? I love this cookbook.

Here I am, sorry it took me so long! I am excited to host, although I am not really sure how… Thanks to those of you who love my book, I love it too!!

Also… I write a column for my local Brooklyn paper, stories and recipes, If you want to read, facebook me at Sweet Melissa Patisserie.

I need to chime in with a couple of folks here – I’d love to join too if you have room. 🙂

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