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Lemon Icebox Cake P&Q

Posted on: May 4, 2009

Let er’ rip!  A Mother’s Day Special.


25 Responses to "Lemon Icebox Cake P&Q"

Oooh I get to be first!

Let me just say this dessert is absolutely outstanding. It’s so easy to make, and I actually made the whole recipe (shocking, I know).

It’s super refreshing, very lemony, and did I mention it was really good?! My dad said it was one of the best desserts I’ve ever made.

Thanks for the review Megan, this cake sounds so delicious! I can’t wait to make it 🙂

Alright!!! Easy…. i can do easy!! I almost backed outta this one… now i have to get some lemons.

Eeek! I really don’t want to miss this one. I looked at the recipe and I have all of the ingredients I’m just not sure if I even have a spare 30 minutes. I’m finishing up the semester and driving to Texas this week so I’m not sure I can get it done. If I miss it then I’ll definitely try to make it sometime soon. It sounds awesome.

I made it this weekend. It came together quickly. I actually haven’t tried it yet. I took a picture and wrapped up the rest to freeze. Too many sweets in the house and at work right now.

One thing…my meringue top ‘browned nicely” after 6 minutes in the oven—so pay attention to tit once it goes in.

I better get on the ball and make this, as it’s my pick, LOL.

I’ve never made an icebox cake so I’m curious as to what the texture will be like. I’ll be making it for mother’s day. Or maybe I should get my kids to make it for me and do my blogging, too!

I haven’t even looked at the recipe yet, but would lime be OK instead of lemon?? I’m looking for a dessert for Cinco de Mayo–which is tomorrow–and lime and strawberry sound like the perfect thing. Someone who has made it already tell me if it would work or be completely disgusting!

Jen–there is no flour, so it really isn’t a cake. It’s more of a frozen custard with a meringue topping.

Melissa–I think lime would be yummy!

How do you think this would do with a graham cracker crust? I’ve got gc crumbs and would rather not have to buy vanilla wafers, especially since it’s doubtful I’ll be making a whole recipe.

Nancy, apparently you *can* use graham crackers. This recipe I saw uses whole graham crackers though (http://busycooks.about.com/od/dessertrecipe1/r/grahamicebox.htm), but I’m sure a traditional gc crust will do just fine.

If anyone is online who has made this already…I’m whisking my egg mixture over heat and I’m over 20 minutes in and still not getting “fluffy.” I’m I really supposed to be getting “fluffy?” I’m sweating and my arm is going to fall off!!

Trader Joe’s sells these wonderful vanilla wafers with specs of vanilla in them. That’s what I used. And to get the cup and 1/2, I only used about 25 wafers. They’re delicious! Super vanilla flavored.
I think they’re called the “ultimate vanilla wafer” and they are!

Never had icebox cake before (another first :)). This one is frozen. Does it taste like ice cream??

I simply have no idea what a british version of vanilla wafers would ever be so I’m going with my tried and tested replacement for Graham Crackers….Hob Nobs!!

What exactly are Vanilla Wafers? Are they cookies or actual wafers? Hmmmmm!

When I go to NYC I’m stocking up on this kinda stuff 😀

Katie xox

@Katie They are just little vanilla cookies. No frosting or anything else with them. I would think any vanilla crunchy cookie could work. I think they are called wafers because they are crumbly and crunchy. It seems like I have heard of others using digestive biscuits in place of vanilla wafers as well.

Sorry to all fellow TWDer’s about the double dose of lemon recipes! The TWD list hadn’t been posted yet when I picked my SMS recipe.

Katie, I love HobNobs (and I really miss the plain chocolate ones) but probably digestives would be a closer substitute. A vanilla wafer is a light, almost airy vanilla cookie.

No worries, Jennifer, lemon is so perfect for Spring! I’m planning to put the icebox cake in the icebox for a while (after a small taste, of course!)

I made the recipe last night and wasn’t sure if my egg mixture ever really got “fluffy” the funny thing is, while I was stirring it, I was thinking “light and foamy” lol.
Then when I took it off the pot of simmering water, I accidentally poured it directly into the pan (on top of my pre-baked crust), then went to whip the egg whites and realized, crap, I was just supposed to “set aside” the egg mixture.
I don’t know where my brain was last night!
So, once my egg whites were ready, I just sorta dumped 1/2 of them into the pan and gingerly stirred them into the egg mixture, trying not to disturb the crust too much.
I’m pretty anxious to try a piece later today when I get off work.

haha, I used hobnobs. It’s setting in my freezer as we speak, hope it turns out ok 😀

Katie xox

Wow, despite all my mistakes it came out great!

Cake is now in freezer. Bought the Trader Joe’s vanilla wafers rec.’d by pinkstripes – they smell amazing. The meringue began to seriously brown at 2 minutes. I loosely tented it and kept it in until 8 minutes, uncovering the last minute or so.

Okay guys, my “cake” is done and cooling to room temperature right now. It will be in the freezer soon! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow 🙂

I made mine last night and tried it this afternoon; it’s really good! My meringue came out browner than I expected (I baked it for eight minutes), but it still tasted fine.

Served the cake tonight and it was a big hit. Not sure the strawberry sauce added that much – it was good but I liked the lemon + meringue flavors on their own. Have to photograph a leftover piece tomorrow and write it up…

irelly need this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my moms friends duoater( please exuse my spelling) inlaws husbads b-day is tomarow and we looked on the internetbut cant find it!!!!!!!!

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