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Granola Breakfast Cookies P&Q

Posted on: April 21, 2009

Problems, tips, questions … let er rip.


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I made both the granola and the cookies. Both are outstanding. The granola recipe makes a lot of granola. both are easy to follow and I had no issues with either recipe.

What is the texture of the granola like – it looks like a lot of ingredients and I don’t have time this week to track them down, so was thinking of just using storebought granola.

I think store bought granola is fine. You can really taste the almond-cherries in the recipe from the book, so if you want those tastes in your cookies look for one that has those tastes. Or just buy dried cherries and toss them into the cookies.

Also, because the one store I was buying ingredients from didn’t have rye flakes I bought Bob’s Red Mill 5-grain cereal which included rye flakes as one of the five grains.

Yeah I was having difficulty locating Rye flakes, too! I was thinking of using all oats, but I will have to check for this Bob’s item!

Rye flakes is a new one on me (and I have grains and flours bursting out of my cabinets!) I’m planning to use some hot cereal from Canada that has rye, wheat and oats. I think you could use wheat germ too.

I noticed you can get the rye flakes on the bob’s red mill website, I would really like to try them. I might just make a regular batch of granola for these cookies, and when someone picks the granola as their recipe, go all out and order the rye flakes and pumpkin seeds (also available on bob’s red mill website and not something I can find locally).

These sound great and I’m interested in comparing them to the granola grabbers we did with TWD.

I was just at the grocery store for my once-a-week trip, and couldn’t find any of the fun stuff this granola calls for. However, I lucked out and found some granola on the cereal aisle that has everything I need! It is Cascadian Farm Organic Fruit and Nut Granola. It contains oats, cherries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and almonds! It has a few other things in there too, but all yummy things! If you’re in a pinch, try to find it at your grocery store!

I made the granola last weekend and I’ve been eating it on yogurt all week. I didn’t have time to hunt for rye flakes so I just used all oatmeal and it’s really, really good. I used dried cherries and apricots for the fruit.
Now, I was looking at the recipe tonight and I think that I’ll probably up the spice factor. I think I’ll definitely add more cinnamon and maybe some other spice, too.

No, you are all making me feel like a slacker. What to do what to do, never made homemade granola. But being that I have 200 posts backed up in my google reader and seriously deliquent in commenting, because of work, I may go with the store bought granola.

I made the granola this afternoon (half recipe) and I’lI report that it is really easy and fast. Well, the hands-on work is fast, but it cooks for a while in the oven. Easy if you have a couple of hours when you’ll be around to stir it periodically. That being said however, there’s no shame in buying it either – especially since the granola will get chosen (eventually) as a recipe in its own right!

If you buy granola, I’d increase the spices when making the cookies, because Melissa’s granola recipe has more varied spices than most (cloves, nutmeg, allspice, ginger). Also, her granola is sweeter than what I usually make, but maybe not sweeter than most store-bought? You’d probably want to check the cookie dough and adjust to taste/preference.

I just found rye flakes at the health food store today. It wasn’t Bob’s Red Mill brand. I don’t remember the brand, but it was next to the oatmeal in a cardboard cylinder just like oatmeal. I didn’t buy it, but now I know where to get it.

I subbed in Cascadian Farms organic dark chocolate and almond granola and added a handful of dried cranberries to the mix and about a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips (since the granola had chocolate but not a lot.)

I baked the cookies last night and tasted one while it was still warm and it was a bit too sweet. But I don’t think it’s a recipe issue as much as operator error, LOL. I think the granola cereal may be sweeter than the home made granola and adding the chocolate chips and dried cranberries may have been a mistake.

I’m anxious to taste them today when I get home from work, now that they are cooled off.

I would add less mollasses next time.

My cookies turned out really odd. Kind of like lumps. I’ll be interested in seeing what everybody else thought!

I added a half cup of peanut butter to mine and increased the flour to a quarter cup. I also thought they were kind of lumpy looking; they didn’t spread much at all. They’re good, though; I like that you can really taste the honey.

We loved these! They are my new favorite “healthy” cookie. They are so soft and chewy and just packed with flavor.

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