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Apple Turnover P&Q

Posted on: April 14, 2009

You know what to do.  I have never made turnovers before, so all helpful hints will be very welcome.


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I just finished making the caramel apples. Oh. My. Gosh. Try not to eat them all!

And I just realized that I forgot to add the remaining water to the caramel. But they turned out perfect!

I went to the market this morning and they don’t carry puff pastry sheets (?!?!), so I guess I’m headed to Trader Joe’s. I’m sure they’ll have it.

I made these!!! Apples — super easy! Cheese – super duper easy. Pastry sheets…. uhhhh… you’ll see.

These were very very yummy!!!

I just bought the ingredients for this tonight and I’ll be making it at some point later on this week, can’t wait! Oh, and I just saw the new picks for May — how exciting. They all look like excellent choices.

They do have puff pastry sheets at Trader Joe’s, that’s where I bought mine. I am a little worried about them, though, because they fell out of the bag and sat in the trunk of the car for four hours. I threw them back in the freezer, hopefully they’re okay. I am excited to try these!

These look so fantastic, I’m really excited to make them!

Going to a BBQ on Friday so I think I’ll save them for then. Can’t wait to see how everyone’s turn out.

Katie xox

Couldn’t wait to try Vera’s recipe for homemade ricotta cheese. With this week’s recipe requiring ricotta cheese, I think it was a sign so I made small batch last night (I cut the recipe in 4 and had a little over 1/2 cup of ricotta cheese). Yum, creamy and rich. Check out her recipe on http://www.bakingobsession.com/2009/03/08/fresh-and-extra-creamy-homemade-ricotta-cheese.

Oh and I used 2% milk instead of whole milk and it still out super creamy.

Btw, there are few of Melissa’s podcasts available online. Check it out: http://podcastgo.com/Channel.aspx?nid=ac5c4129-84b5-4569-bf44-4b1f723ba453. You’ll have to create an account with PodCastGo.com (they only require an email address + password). I’ve watched them. They’re fun.

Hi, I just joined and my book won’t be here till next week. Could someone send me the recipe for the Caramel Apple Turnovers? Thank you, Robin


I started these last night, finished up today, and served them this evening to my book group, where they made a big hit. I had a few issues with time and temp. I found I needed to caramelize the sugar at medium, as it wasn’t getting anywhere on low. Similarly with cooking the apples. Each of those steps took a good half hour. On the other hand, the turnovers were dark golden brown in under 40 minutes; if I’d have left them in the oven for 45 minutes, I think they would have burned. Also I had a ton of egg wash left over.

I finished these last night and served them slightly warm after cooling them for half an hour. They tasted great. I agree with Nancy’s comment on the heat. I used medium heat. I also changed the oven temp to 425 and baked them for 20-25 minutes instead (as I remember high heat being important for Puff Pastry for ultimate “puff” from a Good Eats episode). Instead of egg wash I used the leftover egg white and added 1/8 tsp of espresso powder to it. And I used water (as I’ve done many times before with turnovers) as glue. And instead of cinn sugar, I used a light sprinkling of raw sugar as I found the apple filling sweet enough as-is. Another thing I would change next time is, used maybe 1/4 tsp of orange zest. I love orange zest but I felt it overpowered the subtle flavor of the caramelized apples. Just my $0.02. Would definitely make these again.

Sorry for the “spam”, but I forgot 2 things: I didn’t refrigerate the turnovers. I did preheat the oven to 425 that way I could pop them in the oven as soon as I got done assembling them. And I used a fork to press the edges together (after I had pressed the edges together with my fingers).

Assembled these today. Did anyone else make more than 4? Maybe my puff pastry sheets were smaller, but I got 8 turnovers. Will bake in the morning. Thanks for the info on cooking time! 🙂

I made 6 and I have enough filling left to make 2 more.

This might be a silly question but.. I am having trouble finding cheesecloth (for draining the ricotta) at the stores!! I did not anticipate this difficulty. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I didnt have cheesecloth either… i just used paper towels.

i doubled the apples & cheese, used two sheets of the pastry puff and came out with 8.

I left my ricotta to drain over night and nothing has came out. No water or anything. Hmmmmm.

We’ll see if it’s a big problem a bit later on 🙂

My first batch of caramel took on no color and then turned to big, crystallized chunks. On to round two.

Same thing happened with my ricotta Katie. I guess we’ll see what happens. I just made the ricotta filling and it was tasty so hopefully it’s fine 🙂

I made mine on Thursday and here’s what I found:
–I didn’t get much liquid out of my ricotta either, but the filling was great, so no worries.
–After rolling my puff pastry out to the correct size–on attempt #2!–I cut it into 9 4″ squares instead of 4 6″ squares, and they were plenty big.
–They were ready well before the 45 minute mark. If I had left them in the entire time, they surely would have burned.
–They were a HUGE hit!! If anyone is having doubts, make them!!

When making caramel, spray the inside of your pan with some cooking spray. This will prevent sugar from getting stuck to the side of your pan and cause crystallization later on. The other think you could do is use a little bit (1/2 tsp) of corn syrup to prevent crystallization. Hope that helps.

No water drainage out of ricotta… out of curiosity, did you weigh the ricotta down (e.g. with a plate)? Either way, it’s probably nothing to worry about because the 1 Tbsp of flour will help a lot in absorbing liquid, preventing it from becoming soupy.

I just finished making these- first time making turnovers and first time using puff pastry (I know where have I been). I had a really hard time sealing them, the puff pastry went from cold and hard to gooey with the egg wash very quickly. I froze 3 of them and am baking one right now for hubby to try (no cheese for me sadly). I used the trader joes puff pastry which was 12×12 – was I supposed to roll our the puff pastry? I also had trouble with the caramel, when I added my apples the sugar/water turned into a lump of hard caramel – it eventually dissolved again. Anyway, can’t wait to see how they turn out – it was fun making them.

Lorelei, I had the same experience with the apples. And I could not really taste the caramel flavor when the apples were done. You don’t need to roll the puff pastry if it’s in 12×12 sheets.

My ricotta drained a tablespoon or two of liquid. I weighted it down with a heavy flat bottomed bowl.

Okay, I’m sure no one else is a slacker like me. BUT, just in case anyone hasn’t made these yet. To the caramel mixture, I added 1/2 TBS of light corn syrup. Then, I boiled my sugar, and once it had turned amber, I let it sit for about 1 minute to cool down. I then added 2 TBS of heavy cream and whisked the mixture together. I then added my chopped pears (I didn’t use the apples) to the mixture and let them cook down. No caramel clumping! These little turnovers smelled amazing while baking, and they tasted delicious, too!!

These were wonderful, we had them for breakfast this morning and my family loved them! I just got my post up, so sorry for being late!

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