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Brooklyn Brownout P&Q

Posted on: April 7, 2009

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OK, so with family visiting, time is at a minimum. But, we squeezed in brownie making this morning, my sister wanted fudgy brownies, so we decided to try the ones from
Shirley’s Bakewise. Well, my dad was in a rush to get on the road for our one night away at the beach, and the brownies were slightly underdone, and warm when he pulled them out of the pan – not good. I had to sternly tell my dad to step away from the brownies. I am a bit of a control freak. Oh well, we’ll see how they turn out when they have properly cooled. Stay tuned!

I “made” this on Sunday. When I post, you’ll see why I have quotation marks there. I made the brownies from the book and I didn’t eat them but they actually look surprisingly fudgy and delicious. They’re in my freezer waiting for me. The cake isn’t too bad — just be prepared to melt a lot of chocolate for this one (especially if you make the brownies too).

Is it just me, or did anyone else having difficulty finding out where the rest of the brownie crumble goes? I’ve read the directions 10 times and I can’t seem to figure it out.

I don’t have 7inch pans – anyone going to bake in 8in?

Megan, I saw that omission in the recipe also. I think it just gets spread on the sides like we did for the whiteout cake in TWD.

As for pan size, I’m thinking of using some rectangular pans with equivalent area of a 7″ circle (approximately 40 sq in). Otherwise I’ll use 6″ and make a cupcake or two with the leftover batter. An 8″ circle is about 25% bigger than a 7″.

I’m trying to stuff a lot of baking into this week, so I wanted to cut the recipe in half. What pans should I use?? I have a bunch of 4″ pans floating around. I’m thinking my layers would be kind of tall, but would that work?

So I just finished making my cake, and it sure isn’t going to win any beauty contests! I put the rest of the “brownie crumble” on the sides and left the top empty except for ganache. Let’s just say I’m curious to see how everyone else’s turned out! 🙂

Hmm, does anyone know a good substitution for corn syrup? You can’t get it in the UK anywhere :S

Katie – use Lyle’s Golden Syrup -it’s as close as you are going to get.

I’m so excited about this recipe. I’m making the brownies tonight and I think I’m going to make the full cake recipe, but make two smaller cakes so I can take one to my brother’s for easter and one to my sister’s. Should be good.

I just made the brownies, minus the walnuts, using an 8x8x2 pan and was done in 40 minutes. My house smells so chocolately!!!

For the cake, I’m going to use 7″ pans. I thought about using my 4″ pans and come out with some mini cakes but the last time i did that i didnt like how they came out… they still tasted very good though.. but it wasnt what i was looking for.

My brownies just came out of the oven – also minus the walnuts – and my advice is to check them before 45 minutes. I used a 9×9 dark silicone pan, reduced the temp to 335 degrees, and my brownies were done in just over 40 minutes. I couldn’t believe the recipe called for 2 sticks of butter for such a small pan of brownies!

Ooh! I HOPE MY BOOK COMES SOON! 🙂 I just tracked it online and it said it left the Jacksonville, FL facility this morning – I live just a few hours from there, so hopefully it gets to me quickly! I want to see this recipe everyone is talking about

I plan on making mine in a 9 x 13 pan (because I have a cake ddecorating class that requires a square cake next week, I’ll have to cut it into a 2 layer square cake…i might have to up the recipe a bit…) Does anyone have any advice to someone changing the pan size in a recipe? I have a little cheat sheet from Martha Stewart that shows different pan size equivalents, it’s pretty handy… but doesn’t go into the whole changing-the-baking-time-&-temperature-thing. Anyone have any advice?

I made the brownies (with the walnuts) last night. They are incredible. I made a half a recipe and used an 8 x8 pan, so they are a bit thinner. They were done in 17 minutes. They are really really delicious.

I will be receiving my book tonight so I don’t have the recipe in front of me yet. Just wondering… are we making brownies and a cake for this week’s challenge? Thanks!

Yeah, I read to use either golden syrup or liquid glucose. I have both in my cupboard but since GS is so darn good I’ll be using that 😀

Thanks hun!

It’s a cake filled with broken brownies! How decadent 😀

Agh, I can’t believe I’m missing this recipe! Maybe in a few months we can have a week where we go back to make a recipe we missed? 😉

Wow, talk about chocolate overload. Nice!!
Thanks Katie!

Well I goofed up! I joined the group recently and this was to be my first Sunday. But, I just realized I have the wrong book. I have the Baking Bible, not
the regular Baking Book. So, I’ll order the correct book today and then start next week.

Hey, would anyone mind emailing me the recipe? I too am waiting on my book, and really don’t want to play catchup with another recipe… Especially one that involves so much chocolate!!! Email to justeatyourbroccoli@gmail.com Thanks!!!

Yikes! I am even more confused than I thought! I have Sweet Maria’s Baking Bible-wrong author. Anyway, my book should be here Tuesday!

Michele and Sarah, I will email you the recipe shortly.

I just made the cake…. someone, please lock me outta the kitchen…. i might gobble it all up before i assemble the cake!!

Has anyone finished making their cake in 8 inch pans yet (Lorelei? I saw you mentioned the possibility above)? I don’t have 7 inch pans and am thinking I’ll use 8 inch.

Just made the brownies and the cake–YUM! The brownies smelled divine as they were baking. After reading everyone’s comments, I made the brownies in an 8×8 and still took them out at 40 minutes. They’re definitely ultra-fudgy and a tiny bit gooey, but definitely not too much so. I’ve already been nibbling at one…they’re fabulous! I realized when I went to bake my cakes that not only did I not have 7-in pans, I also didn’t have 8-in either. So, I used 9-in pans and my cakes took 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe that two of my local grocery stores didn’t have Dutch Processed Cocoa. Since when is that a rare ingredient? Anyway, I had no choice but to sub-in regular cocoa. I thought it was interesting that the original recipe called for baking soda and Dutch processed cocoa (because usually you only use baking soda when you need to neutralize acidic regular cocoa). Anyway, I guess Melissa did that because of the acidic coffee added at the end? Hope I didn’t mess too much with the pH of my cake! They look yummy, for sure!

Considering all the steps to make the brownies and the cakes, it didn’t really take that long. In 1 hour I made the brownie batter, baked the brownies while making the cake batter. The cakes are baking right now. I too baked the cakes in 2 x 8″ round cake pans. Each pan held 20 oz of batter. Given the height the cakes have risen to in the oven, I’m now wondering, if the remaining 2/3 of the brownie crumble that isn’t talked about in the book, is to be used as filling by splitting each cake in half and making a 4 layer cake. I might given that a shot.

I just finished putting mine together and tasted it; it turned out great. I didn’t use Dutch process cocoa either, since I didn’t notice you were supposed to. I made a third of a recipe in two four-inch springform pans. I think a quarter recipe would have been fine, but a little extra cake is not a bad thing.

I had an error when making the cake batter, but I took corrective actions and it seems to have worked, thank goodness. I made a full recipe, with 1/3 going to each of two smallish rectangular pans and 1/3 making 6 cupcakes. I split the rectangular cakes and used 3 to make a layer cake. I didn’t have any cake crumbles so just used brownie crumbles. It was a bit frustrating not to have correct directions or a picture, especially so since I was adjusting sizes, but I just forged ahead and the end product is delicious – I chilled it in the freezer and it’s really dense and fudgy.

Sorry! That last sentence should have said “I chilled it in the fridge..”

Did anyone else see their cakes deflate and sink after removing them from the oven?

I also used 8″ cakes. They came out like giant brownies. Yum!!

Thanks for all the tips!

I won’t be able to get my cake up today so I was going to wait until next Sunday and post the cake and turnovers together, hope that’s okay 🙂

Mine deflated… i didnt have to trim off the tops.

My brownie crumble consisted of brownie cubes and ganache only. No complaints though :0)

My oh my, this was SOME chocolately cake! I have to admit, the ganache was extremely hard to spread (and extremely messy!) but in the end, very beautiful and glossy.

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