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Honey Beescotti P&Q

Posted on: April 3, 2009

By request (and a good idea) here is a section to post comments with questions or problems or suggestions on this week’s recipe.


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Great idea!

So…. did anyone else have biscotti batter that spread out but not up? The log of dough looked like a giant blob!

However, it still tasted very good!

I made these last night. My dough spread but not too badly. I learned the hard way when making the TWD Lenox Biscotti that you really have to make sure that the logs are no more than 2 (3 at most) inches wide. Otherwise you get major spreadage and it never cooks right and it’s just a big breaking mess when you try to slice it.
Mine turned out well. I think I’m going to save some and then give the rest out as part of my Easter/spring baskets for friends and neighbors. Any ideas how to dress them up? Or should I just go with less is more here?

Megan ,I had a horrible time with my dough spreading out and not up. My dough was fine with the lenox biscottis from TWD. This dough was so sticky and my biscottis came out looking like Flat Standley’s. I would have to agree on the taste, they were fine.

My dough was quite sticky, too! It took more than just a flour-dusted board to get these suckers into perfect log form. My biscotti didn’t get very tall either. Oh well.

I measured out 14-in. logs and sliced at 3/4-in., yet I only got 30 biscotti (not that this is such a terrible thing). Even though the dough was a bit tricky, the final result tastes great!! That almond extract smelled sooo divine as the biscotti baked.

Mine are on their 2nd bake right now. No spreading issue, but I kept the logs in the refrigerator for over an hour. I don’t know about the caraway seed taste. I may not be my thing…I’m not a big licorice fan and it reminds me of it.

Did anyone do their own candied orange peel? I was planning on that today (with Giada’s recipe mentioned on the previous post) but when I was ready to get started I noticed that the bag of oranges said they were covered in a “wax or resin” for freshness and not sure if I should go ahead and try to use them after washing or what…any ideas?

I made my candied orange peel with Giada’s recipe. I was going to use the oranges from my farm box, which I know have healthy peel, but I used a different orange that was handy (hope the peel was acceptable). I came really close to leaving out the caraway seeds but in the end used them – but less than the recipe specified. The dough is crazy-sticky and I’m going to leave it in the fridge for a good long time to try to avoid the spreading. I’d freeze it but I’m too lazy to make room in my freezer.

I ended up just really scrubbing the orange and used Giada’s recipe for the candied peel, wow! It was such a fun little cooking project and I am so impressed with how it turned out 🙂

I did end up freezing the logs for about half an hour. Spreading was not too bad and the smell is so enticing. I think I am regretting the caraway, though – the flavor tries to dominate. The candied orange peel is REALLY good in these.

I left the caraway out of mine. Candying the orange peel was quite a fun experience! I saved the leftover syrup–hopefully I can find a good use for it.

Mine are in the freezer right now, and I agree — they are SUPER sticky! I had problems peeling them off the parchment paper 😦

I actually left out both the candied orange peels and the caraway seeds… and I was thinking of perhaps making some sort of honey glaze.

I’m planning to use the syrup to sweeten iced tea.

I haven’t made mine yet but I’m really glad we started a P&Q. It’s always so helpful to see everyone’s tips! I am definitely leaving the caraway seeds out but I’m looking forward to the candied orange peels, which I’ve never tried before.

I don’t think my dough spread enough. I decided to bake the logs separately because I was afraid of spreading, but my first batch looks like mini biscotti. I haven’t decided if I want to try to reshape the second log or just have lots of minis.

If you haven’t made these yet I would suggest putting your dough (bowl and all) into the freezer for 20 minutes right after mixing the dough (not after shaping), then it will be nice and stiff and easier to shape into logs.

I ended up using all the add-ins and loved it, even though I have to admit the orange peel and caraway seeds had me a little nervous. I’m surprised how much I enjoyed these, what a great first recipe to start Sweet Melissa Sundays with 🙂

I loved these! Yummers. I made them dairy free. Thanks for all the comments, they really helped. Sorry I was MIA until now, busy busy. I got my post up – so when you link back to me for the recipe it is actually there. Thanks everyone!

Hi guys. I actually had a question for the upcoming week. I noticed with the Brooklyn Brownout Cake and actually the granola cookies in a few weeks (and lots of other recipes throughout the book) that they include other recipes from the book. The Brooklyn Brownout Cake requires the walnut brownies and the granola cookies require the cherry granola. So, do we go ahead and make both and get two recipes from the book out of the way in one week, or do I make whatever kind of brownies I want and use whatever kind of granola I want or ??????

I was just thinking about that too. What do you guys want to do? We could do either. We could get two for one, or try a brownie recipe of choice and granola recipe of choice. Group consensus?

I’ve been waffling on this question myself, as I have brownies in my freezer and homemade granola already in my cabinet. It may depend on how my week shapes up!!

I’ve been thinking about it, and here’s what I’ve come up with: people should do whatever they want! I was stressing because I don’t know how I’m going to fit the cake in this week, let alone the brownies that go into the cake, so I think I’ll use a brownie mix for that part. However, if someone wants to make the brownies that the recipe calls for, great! They can either make them again when the brownie recipe is chosen, or they can just take pictures the first time and get a week off when that recipe rolls around! What do you think?

Well, what I was planning on doing was making the book brownies and photograph the production for the week where we are to post them. That way I can have a week off as I’m pretty much planning on making each and every recipe with you guys 🙂

I’m gonna make the brownies in the book mid-week just so i can eat them!

Love the suggestion Melissa – I agree – do what ever you want! I may have to use this opportunity to try one of the brownies from Megan’s brownie project and save the one in the book (since my sisters are here and don’t like walnuts).

Im still waiting for my book..I hope it comes today!

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