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Candied Orange Peel

Posted on: March 30, 2009


The first recipe for the group – Honey Beescotti – calls for candied orange peel.  The book suggests buying it – but in case you want to make it (it seems rather simple), I found some great posts on making candied organge peel with gorgeous photos.

Check out Jen of Use Real Butter’s post.

And, the Way the Cookie Crumble’s post (using Jen’s recipe).

Nicole of Baking Bites has a post about them here and this recipe was approved by Chockylit.

And, if you want a small yield, check out Giada’s recipe on the Food Network Site here.

Happy baking and see you Sunday.


9 Responses to "Candied Orange Peel"

Thanks for posting this. I was going over the recipe last night and I was pondering heading over to Dean & Deluca to see if they had any candied orange peel but I think that now I’ll try to make my own. Thanks for the inspiration!
Oh, thanks for fixing the avatar too, I have it up on my blog!

Great – thanks for this post! I was also thinking about making it instead of buying it and you’ve saved me the work of searching for recipes.

I made this a while back for a ricotta pudding that called for it. At the time I lived in a tiny, tiny (did I mention small?) NYC apt. It was hot out and the recipe called for cooking orange peels in tons and tons of sugar and water – for hours. Hot. Really hot. After that, I bought the peel – but you know – it’s not the same …

Um, I just made this tonight and well I have never had candied orange peel before. But – it still tastes very peel rindy to me – is it supposed to? It’s sweet alright, but also tastes like the peel. Somehow I thought it was magically transformed! Anyhow, we’ll see how it goes once it is baked in the cookie =)

I cheated and bought it. I have a good reason for doing so though. Final year of university and have a dissertation looming. Yey!

My biscotti is made, can’t wait to see everyone elses!

Katie xox

I made my own candied orange peel last night too. I used Giada’s recipe from the foodnetwork, and it turned out pretty darn tasty. We had a hard time leaving enough for the biscotti, which are currently in the oven!

oh I love candied oranges! Time to try some new recipes. Thanks for all the info.. really helpful.

[…] orange, because we are not bounteous fans of Orange savor in our desserts in this household. [see here for manual on making Candied Citrus Peel, it’s rattling kinda easy!] One added modify I […]

Thank you so much for this recipe. A friend of mine requested cannolis with candied orange peel for his birthday. I have made cannolis before but had no idea how to go about making candied orange peel. I know how much he likes it and did not want to disappoint him. Well thanks to you I just successfully completed making it and it was much simpler then expected. Your directions were wonderful. Thanks again, Christine

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